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Hunting red salamanders
Requirements Hunting red salamanders.png

59 Hunter (higher recommended)
71 Magic strongly recommended





Profit Experience gained
1,038,200 per hour

73,400 Hunter

Inputs Outputs

10 x Law rune.png Law runes (5,700)
20 x Astral rune.png Astral runes (8,300)
60 x Earth rune.png Earth runes (1,080)

270 x Red salamander.png Red salamander (1,053,270)

Red salamanders are in high demand as they are an inexpensive version of the dragon 2h crossbow with the same Disassemble materials yield.

This method is similar to hunting black salamanders. While the profit is lower, the experience may be slightly higher because red salamanders are faster to catch. The Hunter level (and the recommended Magic level) requirements are also lower. A Beast of Burden is less necessary with Ourania Teleport, which is strongly recommended as it transports you straight to the middle of the Ourania Hunter area, making banking with TokKul-Zo very fast. Finally, while both areas have aggressive low level monsters, red salamanders are not in the Wilderness like black salamanders are.

With high Hunter levels, each trip takes about 6 minutes.

There are level 46 Monks of Zamorak in the area that is aggressive to players under level 92. Turn left click attack off in combat options to avoid accidentally attacking any of them.

Small fishing nets and ropes are cheap but might not be always available on the Grand Exchange. Nicholas Angle's Fishing Shop (northeast of Taverley lodestone) and Shantay Pass Shop (south of broomstick teleport after exiting from fountain) are convenient sources of them respectively.

Checking a net trap requires you to have 3 inventory spaces - and red salamanders cannot be dropped, only released (and they will disappear immediately). Therefore, even if you drop your small fishing nets and ropes you can only carry 26 salamanders in your inventory. 1 can be wielded if you have 60 Ranged. However, since banking is so fast, you can just leave your nets and ropes at the hunter area and they'd still be there when you get back.

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