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Hunting swamp lizards
Requirements Hunting swamp lizards.png

29 Hunter (higher recommended)





Profit Experience gained
1,880,600 per hour

39,520 Hunter

Inputs Outputs


260 x Swamp lizard.png Swamp lizard (1,880,580)

Swamp lizards can be caught using a net trap in the Mort Myre Swamp south-east of Canifis. The hunting spot closest to the Canifis bank is just south-west of the Werewolf Agility Arena. This spot has 4 young trees close together, allowing you to set up 4 traps at once with 60 Hunter, using 4 small fishing nets and 4 ropes. To maximise the amount of lizards you bank per trip, you can leave your traps set up as you run to the bank rather than pick them all up and carry them with you. They will have fallen by the time you get back, so you will have to pick up the ropes and nets and reset the traps. Note: There is a chance the ropes and nets will disappear if you take too long. It is important to stay focused when using this method.

Swamp lizards can be difficult to catch at lower levels, therefore it is recommended to use a familiar that invisibly boosts your hunter level, such as a spirit larupia (level 57 Summoning) or an arctic bear (level 71 Summoning).

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