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Killing Automaton Guardians
Requirements Killing Automaton Guardians.png

67 Slayer required
95 Prayer recommended
91 Herblore recommended
80 Magic recommended
70 Defence recommended


Damage-boosting magic armour (Void, Subjugation, Virtus recommended)
Magic weapon (Staff of light, Polypore staff, Chaotic staff, Armadyl battlestaff recommended), Most Wanted card (automatons) recommended



Profit Experience gained
800,000 per hour

210,000 Magic
70,000 Constitution

Inputs Outputs

8 x Super restore flask (6).png Super restore flask (6) (92,832)
3 x Extreme magic (4).png Extreme magic (4) (50,620)
150,000 Coins.png Coins (armour repair)

0.12 x Static gloves.png Static gloves (25,462)
60 x Adamantite ore.png Adamantite ore (13,620)
30 x Avantoe seed.png Avantoe seed (11,250)
75 x Earth talisman.png Earth talisman (13,875)
35 x Grimy avantoe.png Grimy avantoe (36,505)
15 x Grimy dwarf weed.png Grimy dwarf weed (127,140)
10 x Grimy snapdragon.png Grimy snapdragon (17,890)
4 x Lantadyme seed.png Lantadyme seed (2,904)
110 x Magic logs.png Magic logs (41,800)
800 x Nature rune.png Nature runes (324,000)
8 x Rune bar.png Rune bar (23,880)
6 x Snapdragon seed.png Snapdragon seed (1,758)
150 x Supercompost.png Supercompost (316,800)

The profit rate assumes 180 kills per hour. Your actual profit may be higher or lower depending on your speed.

Automaton Guardians drop the rare and expensive static gloves, currently worth 247,558, in addition to very good regular drops of herbs, seeds, and raw materials. The automatons can be accessed after completing The World Wakes and the other required quests. The easiest way to get to them is to use the Sixth-Age circuit to teleport to Guthix's Cave, and then teleporting into the main chamber by talking to the Guthixian High Druid. The guardians are located in the central part of the chamber.

The guardians are level 115 Melee-based creatures with 20,000 life points and are weak to fire spells. They have a special attack in which they pound the ground for a few seconds, dealing up to 1000 damage every other tick to any players in a two-square radius. Because they attack exclusively with melee and are located next to the entrances to the storage wings, it is quite easy to safespot them effectively, negating all damage including the special attacks.

Using Fire Surge is strongly recommended due to its low cost and high damage output, although Fire Wave is also effective. Other surge spells, while usually not 100% accurate without extreme magic potions, can still be used. Torment boosts damage by 10% and should be used if possible, although without 95 Prayer, Augury can be used from the standard prayer book. Extreme magic potions boost damage and accuracy, but super magic potions are very nearly as effective. Since you will be taking only token damage, try to use power armour like Void, Subjugation, or Virtus. Tectonic armour is not recommended due to its high usage cost. Your weapon of choice should probably be a staff since there will be a higher initial auto attack that way, although dual wielding has a better basic ability in Concentrated Blast, compared to Sonic Wave. A high level staff like the staff of light, polypore staff, armadyl battlestaff or chaotic staff is recommended for the increased accuracy and damage.

To safespot the automatons, stand opposite one of the automatons with the entrance wall between you and the automaton as shown in the picture above. Be sure to stand at least one square behind the wall, or else the special attack may still be able to hit you depending on the placement of the automaton. Safespotting is not entirely necessary as you may be able to stun them using Impact and Asphyxiate long enough to kill them, but this is riskier and you will likely take some damage.

Unless you stand too close to the wall or don't stun one of the automatons for long enough, you shouldn't take any damage at all. With the very best equipment, each kill will take a bit less than 20 seconds — since both of the thresholds have a cooldown of 20 seconds, you can use this to your advantage and have a cycle of abilities that you use to kill the automatons. Even with lower level equipment and no prayers or potions, 30 second kills should be easy to obtain.

Attack the automaton, building up adrenaline using the basic abilities Wrack, Sonic Wave, and Combust as needed. Stun with Impact if you are not safespotting. Once you reach 50% adrenaline, use Asphyxiate, which does a great deal of damage and also re-stuns the monster. Do more basics and use the other threshold, Wild Magic, when available. If you manage to finish a kill with 100% adrenaline (and you may want to attempt this if you have high adrenaline when your target is weakened), Sunshine provides a large enough increase in damage to greatly increase your next couple of kills. Try to kill the first automaton after using this ability with only basic abilities and then immediately start the next kill with Wild Magic or Asphyxiate to quickly get in a large amount of damage before Sunshine wears off. Do more basics if needed until the automaton is dead.

Grab the drop if it's worth picking up, trying to go fast enough so your adrenaline doesn't start draining, and repeat. If you have the reflexes, try to first stun your next target with Impact, run to your drop and then cast Wrack. This will minimise time lost and will also increase damage by a small amount (as Impact will stun the automaton and Wrack does increased damage to stunned targets). If you are safespotting, run back to your safespot then immediately use another ability, or, if you are not safespotting, continue attacking as normal; the automaton will have already been stunned. The majority of the damage will probably come from the two threshold abilities, so prioritise using them immediately when they cool down if it will do full damage. Do not use Wild Magic when the automaton has less than 3,000 life points; do not use Asphyxiate when it has less than 7,000.

The automaton guardians' best drop is a pair of static gloves. These are believed to be about a 1/1250 drop, although no official rate has been given. The profit per hour calculation at the top of the page is only the estimated long term average — one might go 5 or 10 or 20 hours without any static gloves drops, and then make 0 million coins in one kill. The automatons also have very good regular drops of seeds, herbs, magic logs, rune bars, and others, although picking up too many of them may cut into the number of kills per hour.

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