Killing Kree'arra
Requirements Kree'arra.png

120 Combat recommended
70 Ranged required
96 Herblore recommended
95 Prayer sometimes recommended


High-level weapons (Ascensions, Noxious Longbow)
High-level armour (Armadyl equipment minimum recommended)
Vampyrism or Penance aura
Steel Titan, Pack yak, Bunyip, Unicorn stallion familiars recommended
Explorer's ring 4/High Alchemy runes recommended
Demon horn necklace highly recommended
Bonecrusher if using Demon horn necklace
Spring cleaner recommended for rune crossbow drops
Elite Enhanced Excalibur recommended


Partial completion of Troll Stronghold
The Temple at Senntisten recommended



Profit Experience gained
4,822,200 per hour

350,000 Combat
117,000 Constitution

Inputs Outputs

2 x Overload flask (6).png Overload flask (6) (376,288)
4 x Prayer flask (6).png Prayer flask (6) (44,728
30 x Shark.png Shark (57,990)
1 x Pack yak pouch.png Pack yak pouch (4,061)
40 x Winter storage scroll.png Winter storage scroll (11,880)
350,000 Coins 10000.png Coins (gear repair)
200,000 Coins 10000.png Coins (instance cost)

80 x Crushed nest.png Crushed nest (478,310)
0.15 x Armadyl helmet.png Armadyl helmet (454,465)
0.15 x Armadyl chestplate.png Armadyl chestplate (1,205,183)
0.15 x Armadyl chainskirt.png Armadyl chainskirt (1,169,505)
0.15 x Armadyl gloves.png Armadyl gloves (470,982)
0.15 x Armadyl boots.png Armadyl boots (483,284)
0.15 x Armadyl buckler.png Armadyl buckler (445,935)
0.15 x Armadyl hilt.png Armadyl hilt (641,178)
450,000 Coins 10000.png Coins (High Level Alchemy/Coin drops)

The profit rate assumes 50 kills per hour running 3 hour trips with fastest respawn rate. Your actual profit may be higher or lower depending on your speed.

The Armadyl equipment is in high demand both to use as armour, and to disassemble for Armadyl components using Invention.

Winter storage is recommended to bank the common un-noted drops such as potions. Magic notepaper can also be used. During the fight, Kree'arra will attack with both mage and range, and will use melee attacks if he gets within range. Kree'arra will use a tornado attack that pushes the player back 1 square. Thus, it it preferential to start the fight either standing in the doorway or a corner. Soul Split and the Enhanced Excalibur can be used for heals, but Kree'arra's minions also drop manta ray and chilli potato which can be used to increase longevity.

More strategies for Kree'arra can be found on Kree'arra/Strategies.

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