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Killing black dragons
Requirements Killing black dragons.png

80 Ranged recommended
70 Defence recommended
67 Summoning recommended
85 Herblore recommended


High level ranged gear (hand cannon,crystal bow, royal crossbow, zaryte bow, or ascension crossbow recommended)
War tortoise pouch recommended



Profit Experience gained
916,200 per hour

142,000 Combat
47,000 Constitution

Inputs Outputs

2.5 x Super antifire (4).png Super antifire (4) (25,211.43)
1.33 x War tortoise pouch.png war tortoise pouch (45,952.83)
160,000 Coins 10000.png Coins (gear repair)

200 x Black dragonhide.png Black dragonhide (696,400)
200 x Dragon bones.png Dragon bones (427,200)
.02 x Draconic visage.png Draconic visage (23,758)

Killing black dragons gives decent combat experience as well as steady money in the form of their 100% drops, dragon bones and black dragonhide. It is recommended to use a high level ranged weapon to kill these creatures as they are weak to bolts. With 85 Herblore, two-handed or dual-wield ranged weapons may be used in conjunction with a super antifire potions to avoid dragonfire damage.A cheaper alternative with no herblore requirements would be to use a regular antifire potion combined with protect from magic prayers, this negates damage taken highly, although food (Monkfish or better) is almost a necessity. Using an anti-dragon or dragonfire shield instead may reduce the profit. Additionally, beast of burden familiars will increase the number of kills possible between bank trips.

Consider using signs of the porter from divination to bank the dragonhides, it might boost your profit/hour due to less bank effort/more banks with the pack yak special move. Players with pack yak and Porter V will be able to kill up to 250 black dragons per hour.

One of the best places to kill black dragons is the Evil Chicken's Lair, accessed from Zanaris. This spot is rarely crowded. You need to use a raw chicken on the shrine in front of it to enter (kill one of the chickens running around the area). It's easy to bank from there, either walking to Zanaris or using a TokKul-Zo to teleport to the Fight Caves, bank, and use the fairy ring to return. If wearing a portent to the Lair, it should be noted that the portent WILL bank the raw chicken you pick up from killing one of the chickens. Unequipping the portent is necessary if obtaining a raw chicken in this manner.

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