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Killing brutal green dragons
Requirements Killing brutal green dragons.png

80 Ranged recommended
70 Defence recommended
67 Summoning recommended
85 Herblore recommended
92 Prayer recommended
68 Divination recommended


High level ranged gear (crystal bow, royal crossbow, zaryte bow, or ascension crossbow recommended)
TokKul-Zo recommended


Fairy Tale II - Cure a Queen (Fairy Tale III - Orks Rift recommended),
The Elder Kiln (recommended for TokKul-Zo)


Created fairy ring BJQ in Ancient Cavern
started Barbarian firemaking training

Profit Experience gained
401,400 per hour

239,000 Combat
79,000 Constitution

Inputs Outputs

6 x Super restore flask (6).png super restore flask (6) (69,624)
2.5 x Super antifire (4).png super antifire (4) (25,211)
1.33 x War tortoise pouch.png war tortoise pouch (45,953)
17 x Sign of the porter IV.png Sign of the porter IV (368,271)
100,000 Coins.png coins (gear repair)

340 x Green dragonhide.png Green dragonhide (577,320)
170 x Dragon bones.png Dragon bones (363,120)
70,000 Coins.png coins (High Level Alchemy)

Brutal green dragons may be found in the Ancient Cavern, easily accessed through the fairy ring code bjq. They have 100% drops of dragon bones and 2 green dragonhides, making them worth over 5,532 coins per kill. Healing may be done through Soul Split and Regenerate if needed. If Soul Split is not available, high-healing food is recommended. A beast of burden such as a war tortoise is recommended. Combining sign of the porters with beast of burdens for banking will extend trips dramatically.

Using the TokKul-Zo to bank and access the fairy ring, it is possible to kill upwards of 120 brutal green dragons per hour. Using a pack yak instead of a war tortoise may increase the profit even more.

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