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Killing celestial dragons
Requirements Celestial dragon.png

80 Ranged recommended
85 Herblore recommended (boosts can be used)
44 Prayer recommended


Ghostspeak amulet to use the boat to Dragontooth island
Ghosts Ahoy to gain free access to Port Phasmatys
Zaryte bow or better recommended
Ranged power armour
Pack yak pouch (recommended as substitute for Magic notepaper)



Profit Experience gained
1,044,900 per hour

234,000 Ranged / Defence
77,300 Constitution

Inputs Outputs

3 x Super antifire (4).png Super antifire (4) (30,284)
3 x Super ranging flask (6).png Super ranging flask (6) (138,819)
3 x Prayer flask (6).png Prayer flask (6) (33,546)
125 x Magic notepaper 5.png Magic notepaper (172,375)

125 x Dragon bones.png Dragon bones (267,000)
12 x Water talisman.png Water talisman (30,336)
22 x Fire talisman.png Fire talisman (4,598)
22 x Blue dragonhide.png Blue dragonhide (54,912)
12 x Red dragonhide.png Red dragonhide (34,368)
12 x Black dragonhide.png Black dragonhide (41,784)
22 x Green dragonhide.png Green dragonhide (37,356)
58 x Unicorn horn.png Unicorn horn (197,432)
22 x Dagannoth hide.png Dagannoth hide (132,770)
5 x Rune platebody.png Rune platebody (187,400)
48 x Steel platebody.png Steel platebody (93,888)
58 x Adamant bar.png Adamant bar (102,138)
0.1 x Draconic visage.png Draconic visage (118,791)
0.035 x Dragon Rider body.png Dragon Rider body (8,629)
0.035 x Dragon Rider chaps.png Dragon Rider chaps (8,134)
0.035 x Dragon Rider kit.png Dragon Rider kit (25,926)
0.035 x Dragon Rider cape.png Dragon Rider cape (9,778)
0.035 x Dragon Rider helm.png Dragon Rider helm (5,254)

The profit rate assumes 125 kills per hour. Your actual profit may be higher or lower depending on your speed. However this guide was calculated using a low amount of kills per hour, so players that can use better equipment, abilities, prayers, etc, should expect to kill more per hour.

Celestial Dragons are commonly killed for their various noted drops, great experience, and the ease of killing them. Celestial Dragons will only attack with their dragon breath when killing them from a distance, and the damage from their dragon breath is negated completely when using Super Antifire potions, meaning defensive armour and food is not necessary.

Celestial Dragons can be assigned as a slayer task from Morvran, Kuradal, and Duradel. Killing a dragon gives 976.3 Slayer experience per kill. Whilst on a slayer task there is also a very rare chance that the dragons will drop the celestial handwraps.

Celestial Dragons can be accessed by catching the boat from the line ghost captain with his rowing boat, just north of the Port Phasmatys bank. The trip is free, arriving at the radiant wisp colony. From there, the Dragontooth Island resource dungeon is a short distance South. Players with a Hoardstalker ring or Dungeoneering cape can teleport directly to the resource dungeon.

Aside from the unique drops, dragon bones, and rune platebodies, all of their drops are noted. Bones can either be noted with magic notepaper, sent to the bank with by pack yaks, or buried instantly with a bonecrusher in conjunction with a Dragon Rider amulet or demon horn necklace. Alternatively, if these are not an option, dragon bones can be banked using Port Phasmatys bank.

Celestial Dragons also drop congealed blood. This is stackable, however it does not sell very well on the Grand Exchange and may not be worth the effort or inventory space.

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