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Killing chaos dwarves and hand cannoneers
Requirements Killing chaos dwarves and hand cannoneers

70 Defence recommended
75 Magic recommended
92 Prayer recommended


Non-degrading magic armour (Subjugation or better recommended)
Non-degrading magic weapon (Armadyl battlestaff, Staff of light or Abyssal wand and orb recommended)
Charming imp recommended
Bonecrusher and Twisted bird skull necklace+ recommended
Ring of wealth, Ring of fortune, Luck of the dwarves or Hazelmere's signet ring recommended



Profit Experience gained
2,340,500 per hour

60,000 Magic
20,000 Constitution

Inputs Outputs

900 x Air rune Air runes (81,000)

0.104 x Dragon pickaxe Dragon pickaxe (216,650.512)
400 x Hand cannon shot Hand cannon shot (59,600)
2 x Hand cannon Hand cannon (1,609,028)
50 x Muddy key Muddy key (536,200)

The profit rate assumes 520 kills per hour. Your actual profit may be higher or lower depending on your speed.

After completing Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf you can access the Chaos Dwarf Battlefield, filled with dwarves that drop the dragon pickaxe. It is recommended to Magic due to the monsters low life points, and multicombat abilities.

The dwarves and cannoneers are not very powerful, and they only have 1000 and 2500 life points, respectively. They get killed very quickly, so it's almost unnecessary to use threshold and ultimate abilities. However, you will want to use multicombat abilities like Chain, Dragon Breath and Tsunami, as the dwarves will crowd you and you can hit many of them at once. Sunshine can also be used to boost your damage. Try to avoid the chaos dwogres, as they will slow you down.

Try to hit the dwarfs as fast as you can; the nearby Black Guard crossbowdwarfs left alive will easily decimate the chaos dwarves almost immediately. Due to attacking a chaos dwarf, nearby chaos dwarfs will start to attack you. Although they do not hit very accurately, the damage will quickly stack up. To avoid this, you should have prayer restoring neck-wear like the demon horn necklace, a bonecrusher, and Soul Split to recover from your battle wounds. If you do not, you may want to use protection prayers, and occasionally use Ice Asylum or Elite Enhanced Excalibur.

With high stats and prayers, and effectively using multicombat abilities, you should be able to kill about 520 monsters per hour.

It's very rare that the dwarves will drop anything worth picking up -- the dragon pickaxe has a drop chance of 1/5,000, so in the very long run you should get about one pickaxe per eight hours if you kill them in equal amounts. They also drop hand cannon shot, 100 at a time, which is also worth picking up. Other than that, both monsters give access to the rare drop table so it is worth wearing a ring of wealth, even though it does not increase the chances of receiving a dragon pickaxe. Using a charming imp to pick up the charms they drop can give you about 100 gold, 40 green, 25 crimson and 20 blue charms per hour. The great majority of the profit from this method comes from a rare drop that may take a very long time to get.

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