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Killing Ganodermic beasts
Requirements Killing ganodermic beasts.png

95 Slayer required
92 Prayer recommended
95 Magic recommended
75 Defence recommended
91 Herblore recommended
73 Agility recommended


Magic equipment (Ganodermic, Ahrim's, Virtus, Robes of subjugation or Sea singer)
Magic weapon (Polypore staff, staff of light, chaotic staff, Armadyl battlestaff or high level wand and off-hand orb/book)
Bonecrusher & Demon horn necklace

Profit Experience gained
3,057,300 per hour

240,000 Magic
80,000 Constitution

Inputs Outputs

200 x Air rune.png Air runes (18,000)
200 x Fire rune.png Fire runes (31,800)

4,000 x Ganodermic flake.png Ganodermic flake (1,652,000)
8,000 x Polypore spore.png Polypore spore (32,000)
1,000 x Flax.png Flax (96,000)
3 x Ganodermic boots.png Ganodermic boots (280,860)
3 x Ganodermic gloves.png Ganodermic gloves (277,857)
2 x Polypore stick.png Polypore stick (87,398)
40 x Watermelon seed.png Watermelon seed (143,600)
2 x Magic seed.png Magic seed (104,928)
2 x Palm tree seed.png Palm tree seed (79,200)
2 x Papaya tree seed.png Papaya tree seed (5,792)
2 x Yew seed.png Yew seed (30,604)
30 x Grimy ranarr.png Grimy ranarr (55,800)
90 x Blood rune.png Blood runes (61,020)
200,000 Coins.png Coins (High Level Alchemy) / (Rare drop table)

The profit rate assumes 200 kills per hour. Your actual profit may be higher or lower depending on your speed.

Level 112 ganodermic beasts are one of the best moneymaking monsters in the game. Found in the bottom level of the Polypore Dungeon, they require 95 Slayer to kill and are weak to fire spells. They drop various items worth picking up, including ganodermic flakes and high-level seeds. Magic notepaper is recommended for longer trips to note their ganodermic boots, gloves and the polypore stick, which can fill up an inventory fast and end a trip early.

To kill ganodermic beasts, you'll need a good weapon -- at level 99 Magic and using fire spells, a level 70 staff or higher will guarantee 100% accuracy. Very powerful defensive armour is not as important if you are using Soul Split, although virtus armour or robes of subjugation are helpful for their damage boost. Soul Split is a near-requirement for long stays, as the ganodermic beasts do enough damage with their regular attack and infestation. The bonecrusher and demon horn necklace combination give you enough prayer points to use Soul Split whenever needed, it's recommended to bring Prayer renewal flask in case the prayer restore through the necklace isn't enough to sustain Torment and Soul Split. If available, extreme magic potions also considerably boost magic damage.

An alternative for using Soul Split is the use of Blood amulet of fury or Arcane blood necklace which will heal their user every 20 seconds of combat for 200-500, dealing the same amount of damage to surrounding units. However, the player will have to switch necklaces each kill if they bring the demon horn necklace with them. Ganodermic beasts can drop anywhere from 1-3 sharks uncommonly to help offset their damage, although the player should not be completely dependent on their food drops.

It is recommended to kill the beasts either in the main or agility sections in the dungeon. Most of the time, all three sections are empty and this can result in finding an easy spot. However, the spawns in the dungeoneering section are too far to get consistent kills, which can lower kill and profit rates. Try to find a spot where two spawns are located, as they have a relatively fast respawn rate and the one should respawn while you are dealing with the other one.

When attacking, use the basic abilities Wrack and Sonic Wave frequently, using Combust and Dragon Breath when needed. Use Asphyxiate and Wild Magic when available, although it is not recommended to use if they reach below 3,500 life points due to the waste of the ability. Stunning them is a very easy way of killing them, as a player can easily kill them before the stun's effect wears off.

As most of their drops are either stackable or noted, it is recommended to pick up most of them. Gorajo mushrooms should be left on the ground since they are relatively cheap and have no demand.

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