Killing gargoyles
Requirements Gargoyle.png

92 Prayer or vampyrism aura recommended
75 Magic required
70 Defence recommended
75 Slayer required


Staff of light minimum, the higher tier weapon the better
Robes of subjugation recommended
Gem bag recommended (do not take the upgraded variant, because it is possible to get more than 60 emeralds, but you rarely get more than 100 gems total)
Blood amulet of fury recommended, negates the need for other healing methods




Bought the ability to deliver killing blows quicker with Slayer reward points. Alternatively, a Legendary pet with the slayer finisher ability may be used.

Profit Experience gained
2,194,200 per hour

243,832 Magic / Defence experience
80,464 Constitution experience
16,897 Slayer experience (only contracts)

Inputs Outputs

790 x Fire rune.png Fire runes (125,610)
158 x Nature rune.png Nature runes (63,990)
445 x Air rune.png Air runes (40,050)
2 x Prayer potion (4).png Prayer potion (4) (5,820) (only if using Soul Split.png Soul Split)

360 x Steel bar.png Steel bar (345,240)
104 x Mithril bar.png Mithril bar (70,928)
40 x Adamant bar.png Adamant bar (70,440)
1,040 x Rune arrow 5.png Rune arrow (157,040)
38 x Mort myre fungus.png Mort myre fungus (130,454)
57 x Uncut emerald.png Uncut emerald (145,635)
33 x Uncut ruby.png Uncut ruby (60,786)
1 x Dark mystic robe top.png Dark mystic robe top (10,054)
1,700,000 Coins 10000.png Coins (High Level Alchemy)

The profit rate assumes 428 kills per hour. Your actual profit may be higher or lower depending on your speed. This money making guide was created by averaging 10 separate 1 hour gargoyle runs. Drop quantities were respected.

Killing gargoyles is highly profitable due to common rune item, bar and gem drops.

For this method it is recommended to have a vampyrism aura or Soul split. A replacement for both of those methods is the blood amulet of fury. If all of those are not available you will have to take food. You want to take at least a staff of light, because you might not achieve as many kills as mentioned with a lower tier staff. Although Gargoyles are weak to Water spells, with the Tier 75 Staff 100 % accuracy should be possible with air spells. If you cannot maintain 100 % accuracy with air switch to water spells. This raises the costs of this method by 11,125 gp. If you use lower tier gear than robes of subjugation and use the vampyrism aura, it would be recommended taking 1 or 2 pieces of food in case you take too much damage. With subjugation or higher you should have no problems at all. If you can use Soul Split but have lower tier gear than subjugation, take 1 or 2 more prayer potions.

The recommended location for killing gargoyles is the Slayer Tower, north-west of Canifis, because Markus gives you Slayer contracts, which give you extra experience if you are on assignment and 20% of the normal Slayer experience if you are not on assignment.

To get maximum kills and have an easy time gathering your drops, you have to activate area loot. Go to the top floor of the Slayer Tower and enter the southern gate to the gargoyle rooms. The southern side is better because there are more respawn locations for the gargoyles, hence faster kills. Position yourself in the middle of the southern room and start attacking the gargoyles. As soon as you have multiple items on the floor, click on the middle most one and, due to area loot, you only have to hit the space bar to pick everything up at once (you want all drops anyways). If you got rune or adamant items, alch them immediately.

Now comes the real trick: Keep one of the adamant items or the congealed blood if you got some. Go stand in the middle of the room again. Keep killing gargoyles while standing on one spot. After killing a few of them drop the item you kept, click on it and press the space bar. Now, again due to area loot, you picked every item of every gargoyle that died in melee range up. Alch the rune and adamant items. Repeat as necessary. Sometimes (primarily caused by Asphyxiate or attacking a gargoyle behind another one) a drop lands outside the area loot range. Pick it up normally.

To alch the rune and adamant items it is recommended to take fire runes and not a fire staff, because with runes it is possible to alch during combat. With a staff you would have to switch.

Get yourself a Slayer Contract at the beginning and renew it as soon as it is completed. They provide a little experience/hour or coins/hour boost.

The granite mauls are not listed as drops because it is more efficient to alch them. This is because their current Grand Exchange price is lower than their alch price of 30,000 coins.

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