Killing Grifolapines
Requirements Killing griflolapines

88 Slayer required
80 Magic recommended
70 Defence recommended
92/95 Prayer helpful


High-level magic armour (Subjugation, Ganodermic, Virtus, Sea singer)
High-level magic weapon (Staff of light, Chaotic staff recommended)
Bonecrusher and Demon horn necklace recommended


Mask of the Ganodermic or Helm of the Ganodermic recommended for easy teleports.

Profit Experience gained
2,424,900 per hour

285,000 Magic
95,000 Constitution

Inputs Outputs

12 x Nature rune Nature runes (4,860)
60 x Fire rune Fire runes (9,540)
100,000 Coins 10000 Coins (gear repair)

4,000 x Grifolic flake 5 Grifolic flake (1,692,000)
10,700 x Polypore spore 5 Polypore spore (42,800)
900 x Chaos rune Chaos runes (136,800)
250 x Death rune Death runes (58,000)
650 x Snape grass Snape grass (87,100)
3 x Toadflax seed 5 Toadflax seed (29,616)
1 x Avantoe seed 5 Avantoe seed (375)
1 x Snapdragon seed 5 Snapdragon seed (293)
7 x Ranarr seed 5 Ranarr seed (6,832)
1 x Lantadyme seed 5 Lantadyme seed (726)
1 x Cadantine seed 5 Cadantine seed (1,438)
6 x Watermelon seed 5 Watermelon seed (21,540)
11 x Strawberry seed 5 Strawberry seed (11,825)
450,000 Coins 10000 Coins (High Level Alchemy)

The Grifolapines in the Polypore Dungeon have very good drops and give great experience, but they are not very challenging to kill and can be done without banking. Grifolapines are located on the third level of the dungeon -- consult a map for more information. Pick a location with three or more grifolapines. These monsters are scattered throughout the third level of the dungeon, and it does not matter how close or far it is from the entrance; all drops are either noted or stacked items.

Grifolapines are level 103 and have 7400 life points, and they normally attack with Magic and are weak to water spells. The damage taken from this is fairly insignificant with decent armour. They also have a special attack, infestation, they they will use when within one square of you. This does about 50 to 150 damage every tick, but it can be avoided by safespotting using the obstacles in the area. Simply attack one of the grifolapines from behind the fungi, using Water Surge or Water Wave, and using the threshold abilities Wild Magic and Asphyxiate on alternating grifolapines. Damage taken should be minimal, but use Soul Split or food when needed. The combination of a bonecrusher and a demon horn necklace or other prayer-restoring necklace will provide enough prayer points to use Soul Split, and a damage-boosting prayer like Torment, while not entirely necessarily, can be helpful. Pick up any grifolic flakes, polypore spores, runes, seeds, and snape grass. Use High Level Alchemy on the grifolic wands and grifolic shields. With Water Surge and effective ability use, it's possible to kill more than 350 grifolapines per hour.

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