Killing nechryael
Requirements Killing nechryael

80 Slayer
67 Summoning
110+ Combat recommended


Strong melee gear
Desert amulet 2 or TokKul-Zo (recommended)
Ring of slayer (recommended)


The Elder Kiln (recommended for TokKul-Zo)


Medium Desert Tasks (recommended for desert amulet 2)
Luck of the dwarves (HSR chance)

Profit Experience gained
981,800 per hour

255,000 Combat
84,000 Constitution
20,400 Slayer

Inputs Outputs

1.33 x War tortoise pouch War tortoise pouch (34,551)

386 x Infernal ashes Infernal ashes (794,002)
233,000 Coins 10000 Coins (from Slayer contract)

Nechryael, found on the top floor of the Morytania Slayer tower, always drop infernal ashes, worth 2,057 coins each. Nechryael need 80 Slayer to harm, but are reasonably weak for their level, and approximately 386 can be killed per hour at higher levels (counting banking times, assuming a ring of slaying is used for teleporting to the Slayer tower and the desert amulet or TokKul-zo is used for banking). Strong melee armour is advised, and for low level players, it is recommended to take a few pieces of food for healing. Higher level players may wish to use Turmoil and/or Soul Split for healing and increasing the number of kills per hour. If using the desert amulet to bank, there is an altar close to the teleport location to recharge Prayer points.

It is also possible to obtain a Slayer contract from Markus, located just outside of the Slayer Tower entrance. By completing a contract of 180 kills, he will reward you 109,000 coins. This results in an additional profit of up to 234,000 coins per hour. Alternatively, it is possible to claim experience rewards from Markus instead of coins.

In addition to the profit earned from the infernal ashes and a Slayer contract, Nechryael also drop rune full helms and various herb seeds. However, it is not recommended to pick items up that are worth less than infernal ashes as it would lower the profit per hour.

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