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Killing the Magister
Requirements The Magister.png

115 Slayer
138 Combat recommended
96 Herblore recommended
95 Prayer recommended
87 Summoning recommended


High-level weapons
High-level armour
Overload and super restore potions recommended
High-healing food
Accuracy boosting auras recommended
Damage boosting scrimshaw or Scrimshaw of vampyrism recommended
Adrenaline potion (recommended)
Enhanced excalibur (recommended)



Profit Experience gained
9,734,900 per hour

1,060,000 Combat
350,000 Constitution

Inputs Outputs

35 x Key to the Crossing.png Key to the Crossing (15,018,745)
2 x Overload flask (6).png Overload flask (6) (376,288)
5 x Super restore flask (6).png Super restore flask (6) (58,020)
50 x Saradomin brew (4).png Saradomin brew (4) (994,000)
150 x Rocktail.png Rocktail (703,500)
.67 x Ice nihil pouch.png Ice nihil pouch (148,558)
~500,000 Coins.png Coins for armour repairs (with repairable gear and high Smithing)

1.9 x Phylactery.png Phylactery (23,265,261)
.07 x Gloves of passage.png Gloves of passage (98,016)
8 x Vital spark.png Vital spark (1,147,232)
410,000 x Coins.png Coins (410,000)
155 x Feather of Ma'at.png Feather of Ma'at (259,005)
6 x Rune platebody.png Rune platebody (224,880)
31 x Battlestaff.png Battlestaff (93,372)
13 x Rune bar.png Rune bar (38,805)
36 x Onyx bolt tips.png Onyx bolt tips (255,852)
24 x Dragonstone.png Dragonstone (191,280)
27 x Grimy toadflax.png Grimy toadflax (303,750)
285 x Corrupted magic logs.png Corrupted magic logs (65,010)
54 x Crushed nest.png Crushed nest (368,982)
21 x Water talisman.png Water talisman (53,088)
370 x Dragon arrowheads.png Dragon arrowheads (102,490)
2.5 x Crystal key.png Crystal key (32,716.5)
6 x Weapon poison++ (3).png Weapon poison++ (3) (100,548)
.27 x Key to the Crossing.png Key to the Crossing (115,859)
4 x Rune battleaxe.png Rune battleaxe (99,952)
41 x Grimy ranarr.png Grimy ranarr (76,260)
.5 x Dragon plateskirt.png Dragon plateskirt (82,039)
.5 x Dragon platelegs.png Dragon platelegs (80,495)

The profit rate assumes 35 kills per hour. Your actual profit may be higher or lower depending on your speed. Killing the Magister for profit is a long term money making method. Assuming 35 kills per hour it will likely take 15 hours or more to acquire the materials for making one tier 92 khopesh which comprises the majority of this methods profit.

See The Magister/Strategies for information on killing this boss.

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