Making Perfect juju prayer potions with scroll of cleansing
Profit per instance
 Making unfinished potions
-2,786,700 per instance
Activity time
3 minutes
Minimum recurrence time
4 hours
Effective profit
-55,734,800 per hour
Skill requirements Quest requirements

87 Herblore required
49 Dungeoneering required

None, Plague's End recommended
Item requirements Other requirements
Scroll of cleansing Access to the Herblore Habitat recommended
Experience gained Inputs
13,200 Herblore

100 x Harmony moss Harmony moss (295,900)
110 x Saradomin's blessing (3) Saradomin's blessing (3) (6,433,130)

Location Outputs
Grand Exchange or bank chest recommended 110 x Perfect juju prayer potion (3) Perfect juju prayer potion (3) (3,942,290)
Perfect juju prayer potions are used by players training prayer for a 5% increase in XP. This XP boost lasts for 1 hour per dose, making this potion highly desirable, as it can save players significant amounts of bones or ashes.

The limiting factor in making these potions is your supply of Harmony moss, which has a buy limit of 100. With the scroll of cleansing, which is obtained from the Dungeoneering rewards trader for 20,000 reward tokens, a player can save some of their moss, allowing them to create more potions. Since the moss can only be bought every 4 hours, the expected profit per cycle is about 1,300,000 an hour.

More moss can be obtained by farming Harmony pillars in Prifddinas. In this activity players plant a seed on one of 4 pillars and gain 200,000 XP in the skill the pillar is attuned to. Harvesting the pillar then yields 1-8 pieces of moss.

Saradomin's blessing can be made at the Herblore Habitat by growing Grimy samaden and hunting Saradomin jadinkos for Saradomin vines. After cleaning the herbs, mix the ingredients in a Juju vial. Grimy samaden and Saradomin vines are both untradable and require 80 Farming and 81 Hunter to gather.

The following items can amplify the amount of potions you can make, increasing profit:

  • Wearing at least three parts of the Factory Outfit set can allow you to occasionally make a 4 dose potion instead of a 3.
  • The Botanist's amulet also allows for occasional extra doses, and stacks with the Factory outfit, but degrades to dust after 5 charges.
  • The Modified botanist's mask has a 5% chance to duplicate potions entirely.
  • Using a Portable Well also has a 5% chance of potion duplication.
The projected profit in the table above does not factor in these random-chance-based additional doses, but if all the above are used, one can safely add a conservative estimate of an additional 12 3-dose potions per 100.

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