Making ruby ring from gold ores
Requirements Smelting

34 Crafting
40 Smithing


Gold ore
Ring mould (if not already in your tool belt)
Recommended: goldsmith gauntlets


Recommended: Family Crest


Recommended: Varrock armour 2 and medium New Varrock Tasks
Recommended: Artisan's outfit
Recommended: Blacksmith's outfit

Profit Experience gained
1,067,300 per hour

56,800 Crafting
18,300 Smithing (45,600 if using Goldsmith gauntlets)

Inputs Outputs

812 x Gold ore Gold ore (476,644)
812 x Ruby Ruby (889,140)

812 x Ruby ring Ruby ring (2,385,656)
40.6 x Gold bar Gold bar (47,420.8)

For analysis on ruby rings made from bars, see Money making guide/Making ruby rings from bars

Ruby rings are made by combining a gold bar and a cut ruby. It is highly recommended you make a bank preset with 14 rubies and 14 gold bars, and a preset with 28 gold ore. You should bind these presets to quick presets 1 and 2.

At the Combat Academy check to see if someone has a portable forge set up (you can utilise a popular friends chat or forum thread to find one). If so, use that to smith your gold ore into bars, gaining approximately 42 extra gold bars per 840 bars smithed. Smith all of the bars using your 28 ore preset, then use the 14/14 preset to craft the rings. Wearing Varrock armour 2 gives a chance to smelt 2 bars at once; the medium New Varrock Tasks also have to be completed for this to apply at a portable forge or Lumbridge furnace.

The process is fairly click intensive, and very tedious. With a portable forge, it takes 70 seconds to smith 28 gold ore into bars (getting enough material for two rounds of ring crafting), and the 14 ruby rings each take about 26 seconds to craft. This gives a fully cycle time of around 122 seconds, allowing 29 cycles per hour, giving 812 rings per hour.

Without a portable forge, the crafting can be done at the Lumbridge furnace, across the street from the Combat Academy bank. It takes 9 seconds to travel between the bank and furnace, so the times increase to 88 seconds for 28 bars and 44 seconds for 14 rings, for a total cycle time of 176 seconds. 20 cycles per hour gives 560 rings per hour, for a profit of 703,360 per hour.

The Grand Exchange has a buy limit of 1000 per 4 hours for rubies, so to utilise this method for more than 1 hour 15 minutes, you will need to pre-buy the rubies over time (e.g. overnight). The profit for making 1000 rings is 1,256,000.

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