Making runite bars using a portable forge
Runite oreRunite oreRunite oreRunite ore
Runite oreRunite oreRunite oreRunite ore
Runite oreRunite oreRunite oreRunite ore
Coal bagCoalCoalCoal

85 Smithing
35 Dungeoneering (Recommended for coal bag)
35 Mining (Recommended for coal bag)


Coal bag (Recommended)





Profit Experience gained
1,305,300 per hour

60,000 Smithing

Inputs Outputs

1,212 x Runite ore Runite ore (14,650,656)
9,696 x Coal Coal (1,270,176)

1,272 x Rune bar Rune bars (17,731,680)

This guide's calculations assume that the player uses a portable forge placed down by themselves and that the forge is placed optimally right next to a bank. Profit is increased by

12 x Portable forge Portable forge (505,596)

if you can make use of a portable forge that has already been placed. For member's, a portable forge can usually be found in world 2 at the bank in Burthorpe or near the Combat Academy bank chest in Lumbridge. Also, for free-to-play players, there's usually one at the Lumbridge Combat Academy in world 3. A portable forge is much more convenient than a normal forge but also has a 5% chance of producing an extra bar while smelting, which essentially gives the player 60 free runite bars per hour (836,400 coins worth).

Set up a bank preset with a coal bag, 12 runite ores, and 15 coal. The preset should then be configured to be one of the two single-keypress buttons (which can be activated by pressing '1' and '2' respectively). It's recommended to place the coal bag and position the bank window so that the mouse doesn't need to be moved too far to fill the coal bag after opening the bank. The process is as follows: open your bank, fill the coal bag by right-clicking it and selecting fill, activate the bank preset, click the portable forge, press spacebar to start smelting, wait for 28 seconds for the smelting to finish, and repeat the process. Note that you needn't deposit your bars once made, simply pressing the appropriate key to activate the preset button will automatically deposit completed bars.

Using a coal bag is highly recommended since it allows 12 runite bars to be smelted per inventory as opposed to just three. This way the process is more profitable, doesn't require near-constant attention and is significantly less click-intensive.

It should be noted that Grand Exchange has a buy limit of 25,000 per 4 hours for coal, which will limit the use of this method.

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