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Mining a divine runite rock
Profit per instance
Divine runite rock detail.png
−2,800 per instance
Activity time
40 seconds
Minimum recurrence time
24 hours
Effective profit
−247,800 per hour
Skill requirements Quest requirements
94 Divination
85 Mining
Item requirements Other requirements
80 Luminous energy (21,200)
6 Runite ore (8,514)
Other participants who have 85+ mining
2,200 Total Level (recommended as higher the better)
Experience gained Inputs
875 Mining 80 Luminous energy.png Luminous energy (21,200)
6 Runite ore.png Runite ore (8,514)
Location Outputs
Anywhere 19 × Runite ore.png Runite ore (26,961)
Note: this guide is written to reflect the placer of the rock with a 5 person+ group. It is difficult to break even, much less profit, from placing your own rock and mining it yourself. If you are a participant, you can expect to profit anywhere from 7,095 to 11,352 coins as there will be no input costs.

Runite ore is a relatively rare ore, giving it a price of 1,419 coins on the Grand Exchange. A runite rock only lasts for 33 game ticks (~20 seconds); as such, it is difficult to break even when mining a rock solo as you can only expect 5 – 8 ores from a single rock. Mining with other participants, however, gives the placer of the rock noted runite ore at random intervals. Every other game tick, there is a 20% chance per participant that you will receive 1 noted runite ore. This works for up to 5 other people. It should not be difficult to find other willing participants considering that they will also make money themselves.

Once daily, a player may create one divine location of any kind. In addition to this, the player has a limit on how much they may harvest from any divine location. This limit is almost always reached from a single divine runite rock with 5 other people. The time for creating and harvesting from divine locations resets every day at 00:00 UTC.

The rocks may occasionally appear in the Gorajo resource dungeon. If players do not want to make the divine rune rock themselves, they should mine from here as there will be no input on the player's part and last significantly longer compared to player-made divine locations.

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