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Mining adamantite ore
Requirements Mining adamantite ore.png

70+ Mining 45 Dungeoneering (recommended)


Rune pickaxe or better





Profit Experience gained
27,200 per hour

11,400 Mining

Inputs Outputs


120 x Adamantite ore.png Adamantite ore (227)

Adamantite ore is an item which frequently sells for a high price, due to its use in Smithing adamant bars and ingots

There are many locations to mine adamantite, but the best place for members to mine adamantite is undoubtedly the Keldagrim north mine due to the fact that, as shown in the image above, it contains ten adamantite rocks in a compact area. It is also within close proximity of a bank. For free players, the best method is probably mining in the Dwarven Mine. There are three adamantite rocks there, and a bank deposit box inside the Dwarven Mine resource dungeon. An additional four adamantite rocks can be found nearby in the Mining Guild resource dungeon.

First, go to the ore locations and mine all seven rocks (they take between four and eight minutes to respawn, depending on the number of players on the world). Once you have a full inventory (7 x 4) go into the Dwarven Mine resource dungeon, where there is a deposit box next to the entrance. Deposit your ores, exit the dungeon, and repeat. You will also find uncut gems while mining, which can increase your profit slightly. World switching can dramatically increase your profit. Quick hopping by right-clicking a player's name in your friends list and selecting the "Join" option allows for instantaneous world switching, which can further increase profit. Profit will depend on players' Mining levels.

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