Mining concentrated gold rocks
Requirements Mining concentrated gold rocks

80 Mining required
83 Summoning recommended


Crystal pickaxe recommended
Perfect juju mining potion strongly recommended
Golden mining suit or Magic golem outfit recommended



Profit Experience gained
387,400 per hour

50,000 Mining

Inputs Outputs

1 x Lava titan pouch Lava titan pouch (4,276)

660 x Gold ore Gold ore (387,420)

Gold ore can be mined from concentrated gold rocks in the Living Rock Caverns. Concentrated gold rocks have a chance of yielding two gold ores at once unlike normal gold rocks. There are four concentrated gold rock spawns, but it is recommended to use the two southern spawns that are closest to the bank deposit which is located in the centre of the cavern. The concentrated rocks collapse randomly, so you will have to change between rock spawns occasionally.

It is recommended to use a lava titan, requiring 83 Summoning, to give an invisible 10 level increase to Mining to increase the speed at which the gold ore is mined. Varrock armour 2, 3 or 4 can also be used to increase the chance of mining two gold ores at once. The golden mining suit gives a 5% increase to experience when worn, but it does not increase the rate that the gold ore is mined unless the player owns Varrock armour 2, 3 or 4, which stacks its effect with the full golden mining suit. A full decorated mining urn can be teleported for 625 mining experience, but it does not affect the rate of obtaining ore and it cannot be sold. For the purpose of money making, it is not recommended to use urns as they take up inventory space and provide no benefit to the amount of gold ore earned.

Living rock creatures roam the cavern and will attack you while you are mining. Hopping to a themed world is not necessary, but it can decrease the chance that a monster will attack you. World 84 is the official Living Rock Caverns world, the unofficial worlds are 77, 88 and 96. Skilfully manoeuvring around the monsters and hiding behind the rock spawns can also keep you from getting attacked.

Using Sign of the porter IV can mine more than 900 gold ores per hour at level 80 but it would require the use of a Beast of Burden to carry more materials to create porters (cannot hold porters itself). It is not recommended however as the cost per charge of the sign is usually higher than the cost of ores.

Using a Perfect juju mining potion can yield up to 500k extra gp per hour, and its effect will also reduce the number of trips and add more experience towards mining and also smithing. Considering the price per dose of these potions and their duration, it is strongly recommended to use this potion before mining concentrated gold rocks.

Using a Honed Tool can further increase yield while costing tool charges. It yields upto 40 extra Gold ore per hour and level, 200 at level 5, if and only if the success chance is less or equal 90% per mining tick.

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