Mining granite rocks
Requirements Mining granite

45 Mining
68 Divination recommended




Crocodile Tears recommended for immunity to desert heat

Profit Experience gained
2,552,000 per hour

30,000 Mining

Inputs Outputs

25 x Sign of the porter IV Sign of the porter IV (140,800)

192 x Granite (500g) Granite (500g) (253,440)
178 x Granite (2kg) Granite (2kg) (732,114)
192 x Granite (5kg) Granite (5kg) (1,707,264)

Granite is an item in demand for its use as tertiary ingredient in making granite lobster pouches. It can be mined from granite rocks in the Desert Quarry. As the Desert Quarry is located far from a bank, collecting granite can be difficult. However a player can use a sign of the porter IV, or better, to send granite to their bank as it is mined. Signs of the porter are untradeable and must be created by the player. A sign of the porter IV is created from an emerald necklace and 45 vibrant energy. Players can use lower level signs of the porter but, as lower level signs of the porter are able to send less items to the bank before being used up, they will be able to use this method for less time before needing to bank to get more signs of the porter. As granite can only be mined in the Kharidian desert an enchanted water tiara or quest called Crocodile Tears is needed to avoid taking damage from the desert heat. Players may also wish to wear Varrock armour 2 or better to have a chance of mining two pieces of granite at once. Mining granite could be combined with cutting granite to make additional profit.

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