Mining runite ore
Requirements Mining runite ore

85+ Mining
83 Summoning strongly recommended





Profit Experience gained
166,000 per hour

15,000 Mining

Inputs Outputs

Lava titan pouch Lava titan pouch (4,276)

120 x Runite ore Runite ore (170,280)

Runite ore, used to make rune equipment, can be quite profitable to mine, although due to the high mining requirement and lengthy respawn time, it can be fairly difficult to mine in bulk. With the use of quick hopping, however, it's possible to mine a great number of runite ore per hour, spending the majority of it actually mining and not waiting for respawns or world switching.

There are seven different locations to mine runite ore, ranked roughly in order from most desirable to least:

When quick hopping, it's fine to pick a location with only one rock -- it won't significantly slow you down. For the actual mining, a dragon pickaxe and lava titan are strongly recommended, and a higher Mining level than 85 is much preferred. With 99 Mining and a lava titan, you will mine runite about three times as fast as someone with just 85 Mining and no familiar.

Log in to a random world at the runite rock location of your choosing. Mine the rock -- this could take anywhere from a second to two minutes, but on average with a lava titan it will be about 20 seconds. Once the ore is depleted, look on your Friends List for someone on a different world, and right-click to "Join" them. You'll be switched to their world in about five seconds, with a new runite rock. Repeat this process, using the "Quickhop FC" to increase your number of worlds if needed, until the rock on your original world has respawned (this should be about 25 minutes). Bank as necessary. With a decent speed for mining the ore, it's possible to get 100 to 150 runite ore per hour.

Keep in mind that this method is competitive, and it's possible that other players will be using all of the available rocks.

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