Opening muddy chests
Requirements Opening muddy chests

96 Summoning





Profit Experience gained
4,208,400 per hour


Inputs Outputs

1 x Pack yak pouch Pack yak pouch (4,061)
850 x Muddy key Muddy key (9,115,400)

13.6 x Crystal key Crystal key (296,629.6)
34 x Dragon longsword Dragon longsword (1,911,208)
1,800 x Blood rune Blood runes (1,220,400)
74 x Bloodweed seed 5 Bloodweed seed (3,976,686)
74 x Battlestaff Battlestaff (222,888)
5,700,000 Coins 10000 Coins

Located in the centre of the Lava Maze, the muddy chest contains various rewards. Opening it consumes a muddy key. This can be a reliable way for lower level players to make a profit.

This method takes place inside the Wilderness, which means you should not bring in any items you are not prepared to lose.

Muddy keys have a buying limit of 100 on the Grand Exchange, but they are relatively easy to buy since they have a high trade volume.

Starting your run, teleport to the Lava Maze with 28 muddy keys in your inventory, and 30 keys in your pack yak, along with a ring of wealth equipped. Enter the maze, slashing the webs apart and avoiding the black knights and hill giants, and make your way to the muddy chest at the end. Avoid the lesser demons inside the muddy chest area if they are aggressive. When finished, return through the maze. With the introduction of cape sellers acting as banks, run to the nearest cape seller to the west of the Lava Maze and refill your yak and inventory with keys.

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