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Opening muddy chests with the Canoe system
Requirements Opening muddy chests

57 Woodcutting
Reasonably high Multicombat
25 Prayer recommended







Profit Experience gained
576,700 per hour


Inputs Outputs

168 x Muddy key Muddy key (2,145,696)

2.688 x Crystal key Crystal key (68,014.464)
6.72 x Dragon longsword Dragon longsword (385,781.76)
336 x Blood rune Blood rune (273,168)
14.626 x Bloodweed seed 5 Bloodweed seed (805,760.966)
14.626 x Battlestaff Battlestaff (46,964.086)
1,126,588 Coins 10000 Coins

Located in the centre of the Lava Maze, the muddy chest contains various rewards. Opening it consumes a muddy key. It is the free-to-play version of a Crystal chest.

Muddy keys have a buying limit of 100 on the Grand Exchange, but they are relatively easy to buy since they have a high trade volume.

This method takes place inside the Wilderness, players should not bring any items they are not prepared to lose.

Start your run at Edgeville bank, and 25 muddy keys. Run east over the bridge to the canoe station. Chop down the tree and construct a Waka canoe and select Wilderness Pond. You will be transported to level 47 wilderness. From the Wilderness Pond, run north west and enter the Lava maze. Slash the webs apart and avoid the black knights and hill giants, and make your way to the muddy chest at the end. Avoid the lesser demons inside the muddy chest area if they are aggressive. When finished, you will have to navigate the wilderness to level 20 before you can teleport out. Players can expect 7 trips per hour if they are not interrupted or killed. With the introduction of cape sellers acting as banks, it's possible to run west to the cape seller near the King Black dragon entrance and bank there.

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