Picking bananas
Requirements Picking bananas






Profit Experience gained
1,136,800 per hour


Inputs Outputs

552 x Basket Basket (1,656)

552 x Bananas (5) Bananas (5) (1,103,448)
120 x Banana Banana (35,040)

Bananas can be picked in the banana plantation on Musa Point. By far the simplest way to get there is with an amulet of glory, which places you steps from the banana trees. Using baskets, which hold five bananas each, can significantly increase the number picked per hour. Bank using either the amulet of glory itself (Al Kharid option teleports you to Shantay Pass 3 steps away from a bank chest) or TokKul-Zo (which also is very close to a bank and has unlimited teleports) if available.

Start out with 23 baskets in your inventory, with the chosen jewellery equipped. Put one of the empty baskets on your action bar so that whenever you click it, it will fill the first empty basket you have (note that this will only fill empty baskets, so be careful not to only partially fill any basket). Start picking bananas from the trees - conveniently, each one has exactly five bananas, which is the number needed to fill a basket. After picking each tree clean, click to fill your basket, and move on to the next one. When all 23 baskets are full, bank, and repeat. Each trip takes about 2.5 minutes, so you can bank up to 552 bananas (5) (plus 120 additional bananas that you couldn't basket) per hour. These filled baskets will often sell for more than the bananas themselves, as they are used to protect curry trees in farming.

Free players can also pick bananas for money, but they do not have access to teleporting jewellery or baskets. They can pay 30 coins to sailors at Port Sarim to sail to Karamja, pick 28 bananas, teleport back to the Port Sarim lodestone, and bank at the deposit box next to the Monks of Entrana just to the northeast. One trip takes about 100 seconds, for an hourly profit of 293,256. Completing Pirate's Treasure quest will speed up banking, by being able to use the Pay-fare option to board the ship.

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