Smithing mithril spears
Requirements Barbarian anvil

55 Smithing


Completed Barbarian Smithing

Profit Experience gained
6,520,000 per hour

78,000 Smithing

Inputs Outputs

780 x Mithril bar Mithril bars (531,960)
780 x Maple logs Maple logs (84,240)

780 x Mithril spear Mithril spears (7,136,220)

NOTE: The contents of this guide are outdated as of the Smithing and Mining Re-work; Mithril spears now take much longer to make, thus cutting into the profits severely.

You can make money by smithing mithril bars and maple logs into mithril spears at the barbarian anvil at Gunnarsgrunn (the Barbarian Village). It is recommended to reach maximum profit to set up a bank preset with 13 mithril bars, 13 maple logs and your wilderness sword (with the skull sceptre equipped).Bind your scepter and your sword on your action bar.

After loading your preset,teleport to Gunnarsgrunn by pressing the scepter keybind. Run to the barbarian anvil close north to where you appear, while equiping your wilderness sword, either from inventory or by pressing its keybind.Smith your 13 spears at the anvil and press the sword keybind to teleport close to the edgeville bank. Run to the bank while equipping the scepter. Load bank preset, and repeat.

You can repleace the wilderness sword with any item allowing for fast teleportation to a bank.

You should be able to smith one inventory every minute, making 780 Mithril spears an hour.

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