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Superheating runite ore
Requirements Superheat Item

85 Smithing
43 Magic
35 Dungeoneering (Recommended for coal bag)
35 Mining (Recommended for coal bag)


Staff of fire
Coal bag (Recommended)





Profit Experience gained
424,000 per hour

84,800 Magic
80,000 Smithing

Inputs Outputs

1,600 x Runite ore Runite ore (2,270,400)
12,800 x Coal Coal (1,433,600)
1,600 x Nature rune Nature rune (648,000)

1,600 x Rune bar Rune bars (4,776,000)

You can make money by casting Superheat Item on runite ore and coal, turning it into runite bars. It's highly recommended to set up a bank preset with a coal bag, 11 runite ores, 7 coal, and 11 nature runes. The preset should then be configured to be one of the two single-keypress buttons (which can be activated by pressing '1' and '2' respectively). This allows players to cast superheat item almost continuously. Add a coal bag in your banking sequence.

At a bank, simply press the appropriate key for whichever of the two buttons your superheating preset is set to. Place the Superheat Item spell on your action bar, and repeatedly press the keyboard shortcut to cast the spell while clicking on the last ore in your inventory. Once the eleven bars have been made, quickly open the bank interface again and fill your coal bag. Then press the appropriate key once more.

Note that you needn't deposit your bars once made, simply pressing the appropriate key to activate the preset button will automatically deposit completed bars (yet you need to fill your coal bag first), close the bank interface, and set up your inventory.

It is possible to make 12 runite bars per inventory if you are in possession of a runic or greater runic staff. This lowers the frequency of banking by maximising inventory space, but would also require recharging periodically.

This is an incredibly click-intensive activity. To superheat 1600 bars in an hour requires undivided attention. Server latency/lag also has a significant impact on your output, so use a world with low ping if possible.

It should be noted that Grand Exchange has a buy limit of 25,000 per 4 hours for coal, so it will limit the method.

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