Transmuting onyx dust
Profit per instance
Weaving energy
855,200 per instance
Activity time
21 seconds
Minimum recurrence time
4 hours
Effective profit
146,609,100 per hour
Skill requirements Quest requirements
97 Divination None
Item requirements Other requirements
None None
Experience gained Inputs
234 Divination

1,000 x Onyx dust Onyx dust (21,313,000)
2,500 x Incandescent energy 1000 Incandescent energy (1,082,500)

Location Outputs
Bank 10 x Uncut onyx Uncut onyx (23,250,720)
Onyx dust is a common material gained from the elite dungeons bosses. 100 are needed in order to make an uncut onyx. There is a 1,000 buy limit per four hours.

Using 250 incandescent energy to transmute 100 onyx dust into 1 uncut onyx yields a profit of 85,522 coins.

Modified diviner's headwear will reduce costs by 21,650 by saving incandescent energy 5% of the time. The diviner's outfit will also increase experience gained by up to 6%.

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