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Transmuting runite ore
Requirements Weaving energy.gif

96 Divination







Profit Experience gained
−6,310,000 per hour

35,960 Divination

Inputs Outputs

9,360 x Adamantite ore.png Adamantite ore (2,124,720)
15,600 x Incandescent energy.png Incandescent energy (6,396,000)

1,560 x Runite ore.png Runite ores (2,213,640)

Runite ore is a sought after ore used in higher level smithing. Due to runite's rarity and adamantite ore's ease of access runite is often more than sixfold the price of adamantite.

Using 10 incandescent energy to transmute 6 adamantite ores into 1 runite ore yields a profit of −4,043 coins. This can be done 4 times per inventory, which when utilising bank presets can be completed in under 9 seconds, resulting in 390 or more inventories being transmuted in an hour.

Modified diviner's headwear will reduce costs by 319,800 by saving incandescent energy 5% of the time. The diviner's outfit will also increase experience gained by up to 6%.

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