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Effectiveness Level requirement Details Other requirements
2***** Level 1 Wolf Pouches can be sold at about 482 coins each, and with a beast of burden, a familiar or pet can easily carry several wolf pouches at a time. By killing white wolves, players can gain about 200 profit with every Spirit wolf pouch.(or sell bones for 800ea)
4***** Level 10 The player can buy a Spirit spider pouch for about 375 coins and some egg spawn scrolls for 63 coins each. Get a pouch and about 25-30 scrolls. Use them to spawn Red spiders' eggs which sell for about 1,405 coins each. A player can also use Summoning potions to restore the familiars' special move energy. More Effectively a player can use the Duel Arena (Or Equivalent) to replenish there Familiars' Special move energy, resulting in a huge increase of GP per hour. One pouch will give about 150 red spiders' eggs using Summoning Potions or Duel Arena, giving them Up to 2x the amount of eggs (and money made) from each pouch. It is advised to use the Duel Arena with a friend, so you familiar doesn't get killed. This is 160k per hour without restoring Familiars' Special, and up to 350k per Hour using Duel Arena Tactic or Using Summoning Potions. Also, Edgeville is very popular for this, as it is close to a bank, an obelisk, and the Grand Exchange.
2***** Level 23 The player can make an albino rat pouch, and cheese feast scrolls, or buy them for 2,365 coins for each pouch, and 147 coins for each scroll. They can then summon an albino rat, use the scrolls to fill their inventory with cheese, bank the cheese, and later sell it on the Grand Exchange for 204 coins each.
3***** Level 25 You can buy a potato cactus for around 2,000 coins and make the spirit kalphite pouch, these pouches sell for around 12,000 coins. Not including the price for shards you make around 10,000 coins per pouch.
2***** Level 28 You can now make or buy compost mound pouches and generate compost scrolls. You summon the compost mound and use the generate compost special on a compost bin to automatically fill it with compost or supercompost that is ready to be put into buckets, which you can fill up and repeat. There is a Compost bin north of Catherby which is good to use as there is a bank in Catherby and a general store which you can purchase buckets from for 2 coins. There is also a small summoning obelisk east of Catherby where you can recharge your summoning points. You may choose to use the farming patches near the compost bin while you are using this method to get extra farming experience or money. The money you make using this method can vary depending on how much supercompost you get rather than normal compost, as supercompost is worth over 4 times the amount of normal compost.
1***** Level 34 The player must have a minimum of 40 combat to use this method you can play pest control until you have 28 points then purchase void spinner charms. The the player can create the pouch for the spinner and sell it around 10,000 coins.
2***** Level 41 The player can make a macaw pouch, and herbcall scrolls, or buy them for 1,501 coins for each pouch, and 91 coins for each scroll. They can then summon a Macaw, use the scrolls to gradually fill their inventory with random herbs, bank the herbs, and later sell it on the Grand Exchange. Although herbs are not guaranteed only a few good herbs are needed to make a profit. Since the macaw needs to rest after collecting herbs, the player can also perform other tasks in the meantime, such as alching.
0***** Level 47 Players can make and use magpie pouches; buying a pouch costs 1,702 coins each, making a pouch costs 3,407 coins each (requires a gold ring, a green charm and 88 spirit shards), so buying a pouch is recommended. A magpie forages for uncut gems, rings and enchanted rings from sapphire to diamond. It is a rare occasion when a player will not profit from a pouch (each pouch lasts 34 minutes); over 9,000 coins profit can usually be made per pouch.

Although the profit per pouch seems small, the magpie can be used in conjunction with another method to increase profits without doing anything more, so long another familiar isn't being used, or the player is not required to constantly be in a no-familiar zone (the Grand Exchange, Entrana, and some transportation).

1***** Level 56 At this level, players may use Ibis pouches along with Fish Rain scrolls to forge fish. It is recommended to only pick up the Bass, as picking up other fish would not be very profitable.
4***** Level 57
At level 57 players are capable of making Spirit graahk pouches. First go to GE and buy as many Graahk furs as you have blue charms, leaving enough money to buy 154 shards for each pouch to be made. Buy blank pouches (one for each fur you buy). Also buy one spirit kyatt pouch. It shouldn't take very long to get these. Make sure you have rings of duelling in the bank, (and one equipped). Wear weight reducing gear and use the spirit kyatt to teleport to the Piscatoris hunter area. Run north-north-east to the trap door and open it, go down the ladder and use the obelisk to make all the pouches. Use the ring of duelling and bank at Castle Wars. Keep repeating. Each one you make gives you a profit of about 750 gp, plus good experience.
3***** Level 63
Using a spirit cobra you can convert many eggs into money making machines using Ophidian Incubation
  • Eggs to cocktrice eggs, worth about 7,053 coins each.
  • Blue eggs to saratrice eggs, worth about 3,355 coins each.
  • Red eggs to zamatrice eggs, worth about 3,341 coins each.
  • Green eggs to guthatrice eggs, worth about 3,327 coins each.
  • Penguin eggs to pengatrice eggs, worth about 5,145 coins each.
  • Vulture eggs to vultatrice eggs, worth about 39,817 coins each.
  • Raven eggs to Coraxatrice eggs, worth about 4,603 coins each.
3***** Level 68
The player can buy a Bunyip pouch, and cheap raw fish such as Crayfish, Herring, or Shrimps. Use the raw fish on the Bunyip to create water runes. Random amount of water runes are created, but it makes a steady profit. These will be transmuted to a minimum of 1 water rune, for a minimum profit of 35 gp.
5***** Level 69
A Fruit bat pouch and Fruitfall scrolls can make up to 1 million coins per hour by picking up the papayas and coconuts
4***** Level 78
The player can make or buy a Giant ent pouch and summon it in the Rune essence mines. Then mine essence and use on ent to receive nature runes or earth runes, can make a good profit depending on how many pouches you bring or how long you stay.
3***** Level 78
The player can make or buy any amount of Granite lobster pouches and trade them in to Bogrog in Gu'Tanoth. He will give you about 70% of the Spirit shards used to create the pouch. Granite lobster pouches cost about 2913 coins each. You will get 117 spirit shards per pouch. Spirit shards are 25 coins each. You will get 2925 coins per pouch. The more money you have, the more money you will make because Bogrog does accept noted pouches.
5***** Level 88
The player can buy a Unicorn Stallion pouch, and then make the pouch into 10 Scrolls, you will make around 100gp+ for each pouch. This can be very good money if you have a Spirit Kyatt and a ring of dueling for making the scrolls.

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