The Money pouch glitch was a major glitch discovered around 3 August 2012 that enabled players to duplicate money in their money pouch. Jagex was informed about the glitch, and quickly fixed it within a couple days of discovery. Afterwards, they began taking action against accounts that had come into contact with the glitch. Those that flagrantly abused it were permanently banned, and those that merely accessed it had their accounts rolled back to before the glitch's discovery. In addition, Jagex issued a news post about the matter listing some of the accounts they had banned for abusing the glitch. The money pouch glitch was said to be used when a player with a full money pouch tried to withdraw their coins within The Crucible or the Duel Arena. Due to the rarity of people with full money pouches, relatively few people were banned, some having around 600 days of playtime and maxed levels to some having only played for less than a month.

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