Not to be confused with Priest gown.
Monk's robes equipped

A player wearing monk's robes.

Monk's robes are a set of robes available to free players made to honour Saradomin that are found on the second floor of the Edgeville Monastery located north of eastern Falador and just slightly north-west of the Barbarian Village between Ice Mountain and Edgeville. They provide bonuses to a player's Prayer skill when worn. Each half (the top and bottom) can be worn independently of one another. They are known to be worn by pures as they have no requirements and are free (provided you have 31+ Prayer to access the Monastery).

As part of the 7 May 2008 update, monk robes and the Monastery, where they are found in, got a makeover. The top now sports a golden star of Saradomin and incorporates a hood that has been folded down. This makes it resemble a hooded jumper when worn on its own. The Monk's robes don't require any defensive levels to be worn.

This robe also is among the best items that give a prayer bonus to free players, and one of the few free-to-play items that give a Prayer bonus in the armour slots.

Components and bonuses

ItemAttributeStyle bonusPrice
Monk's robe (top)Monk's robe (top)006---334
Monk's robe (bottom)Monk's robe (bottom)005---299


  • The difference between regular Monk robes and the Citharede robes (both in looks as the number of individual parts) may suggest that there are different religious orders within the Church of Saradomin. Which gives another parallel to real world Christianity, in specific: Roman Catholicism (like: Augustinians, Benedictines, Dominicans, etc.).
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