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A Monkey Archer is a monster found on Ape Atoll and featured heavily in the Monkey Madness quest as well as playing some role in the Recipe for Disaster quest. Its bones are necessary to make a small Ninja monkey greegree. They attack with Ranged from small platforms. Despite the fact that they are on platforms, they can be attacked with melee, and their bones collected from said platforms, although this action is acted as obtaining an item from a table (the player slightly reaches forward to grab the bones). As with all creatures on Ape Atoll, Ninja Monkeys are not aggressive when you are holding any sort of Greegree. Contrary to popular belief, these monsters are not immune to poison, as confirmed by Monster Examine.

The monkeys on towers in the village are level 79, while the monkeys that can be seen from the fairy ring, on a hill to the west of the village, are level 84. The level 81 monkeys can be found on rooftops throughout the village.


100% drops

Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Small ninja monkey bones.pngSmall ninja monkey bones1AlwaysNot sold


  • You can hide in the grass and attack a ninja monkey by range and it will not spot you, and therefore will not retaliate. If you stand in the grass next to the monkey in the southeast part of the market, you can also attack it with melee and it will not retaliate.
  • It is possible to push a Monkey Archer off of their platform with the kick ability. If they leave combat, they will walk back on top of it.
  • Currently they are glitched to fire normal arrows from invisible bows much larger than their scale.