Monkey dentures detail

The monkey dentures are a quest item used during the Monkey Madness quest. They are obtained by searching the dark brown crates in the warehouse south of the scimitar stall on Ape Atoll. The player must take the dentures, a gold bar and the Monkeyspeak amulet mould to Zooknock, the Royal Guard mage, at the end of a dangerous dungeon in Ape Atoll. Zooknock will then infuse the magical powers of the dentures into the gold bar and return an enchanted bar. After the quest is complete, the player can buy some from Tutab's Magical Market while in monkey form.

Monkey dentures are also one of the 5 teeth that must be brought to the Tooth Fairy to exchange for a tooth creature, after completing Fairy Tale III. They can also be exchanged for 50 coins.

Store locations

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Seller Location Cost Currency Base stock Members?
Tutab's Magical MarketApe Atoll10Coins 5Coins 10Yes


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  • If you listen to the dentures with a monkeyspeak amulet, they say, "Floss me! Floss me!" or "Help - I need toothpaste!"
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