Monster Examine
Monster Examine icon
Release date 15 May 2007 (Update)
Members Yes
Level 66
Spellbook Lunar,
Type Combat
Experience 61
Runes 1Cosmic rune1Astral rune1Mind rune
Quest Dream Mentor
(plus Lunar Diplomacy)
Monster Examine
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Monster Examine

The examine's interface

Monster Examine, when cast on a monster, tells you the monster's combat level, current life points, immunity to poison and maximum hit, as well as whether the monster can be a slayer assignment. The results of the spell appear in the Magic spells and abilities tab.

Monster Examine may be used to identify the max melee hit of a monster. If a monster doesn't use melee attacks, and only attacks with ranged or magic (such as Dark Wizards), then it will display the monster's max hit with the attack style it uses. Monsters with more than one attack style (ex. melee and magic), may have two different maximum hit levels, one for each attack style, but only the melee maximum hit is displayed in the Monster Examine interface.

Curse spells that lower the target's damage output, such as Weaken and Enfeeble, do affect the maximum hit shown. However, this could be deceptive as the maximum hit does not go up like life points do even though the monster might have recovered from the spell, as long as you keep the Monster Examine interface open.


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