Monster killing, also called Player versus Environment , PvE is the aspect of killing monsters as opposed to Player killing.


A Barbarian
An Aquanite

Players fight monsters mainly to gain experience, money, or to complete quests.

PvE events

A shifter fought in the Pest Control minigame.
General Graardor, one of the bosses in the God Wars Dungeon.

Some minigames, such as Barbarian Assault or Pest Control, provide an objective in which players are organised to hold off or defeat subsidiary monsters. The goal of these minigames is to promote unity and cooperation among players, while still maintaining a fair sense of fun and achievement. There is often great reward to be found while participating in such minigames.

Many players often choose to battle bosses, which occurs in large-scale events, such as the God Wars Dungeon PvE battles, in which multiples of players team up to conquer a single boss, often using the Combat triangle to provide effective killing.

Monsters vs. monsters

An example of MvM combat.

In monster vs. monster combat, two monsters engage in combat until one is killed. Although uncommonly seen, monster vs. monster combat can be observed in a few specific locations. Some of the locations where monster vs. monster combat occurs are:

During Gnomecopter trips (now removed from the game), player spoofs (e.g. Cow1337killr) in member-only areas are actually considered monsters, as they have unique examine options. In RuneScape one may notice that certain monsters, such as revenants, although designed to replace player killers, do not actually fight amongst themselves.

Monster vs. monster combat is sometimes used to an advantage by players because if they deal at least one damage, they will get the drops even though the monster dealt more damage. This is somewhat common in the God Wars Dungeon.

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