Not to be confused with Lunar equipment.
Rimae Sirsalis location

Location of Moon Clan Fine Clothes

Moonclan Robes are sold in the clothing store Moon Clan Fine Clothes which is run by Rimae Sirsalis on Lunar Isle. They are available for purchase during and after the Lunar Diplomacy quest. For this robe set, players can either wear a Moonclan hat or a Moonclan helm, both in the headwear slot. The combined cost of all 7 pieces is 6,000 coins. None of them are tradeable.

This robe set can be stored in the magic wardrobe in a player's costume room. However, all 7 pieces of the robe set have to be stored at once, including both the helmet and the hat.


Image Name Price sold at
Moon Clan Fine Clothes
Moonclan helm / Moonclan hat Helm / Hat 1,000 coins
Moonclan armour Armour 1,000 coins
Moonclan skirt Skirt 1,000 coins
Moonclan gloves Gloves 900 coins
Moonclan boots Boots 900 coins
Moonclan cape Cape 200 coins



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