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Moonlight mead is an ale that can be brewed with the Cooking skill at level 44 or higher, granting 380 experience. Drinking this heals 440 life points, and when doing so, the game remarks that "It tastes like something just died in your mouth." It can be bought for 5 coins from Roavar in the Hair of the Dog tavern, located in Canifis.

The full recipe for Moonlight mead is as follows (ingredients used in the order given):

  1. 2 Buckets of water
  2. 2 Barley malt
  3. (Optional) 1 "The stuff", to increase chance of maturity
  4. 4 Bittercap mushrooms
  5. 1 Ale yeast
  6. Wait two to five days
  7. Collect the completed ale using eight Beer glasses or two Calquat kegs*.

* Calquat kegs are highly recommended, especially if the ale has matured. Simply by collecting the ale in a keg, the value of the batch will increase by several thousand gp. This ale is considerably more useful in a keg, as it stacks 4 doses into one inventory slot. This makes a moonlight mead (keg).

However, the high price of this mead in a keg makes it obsolete, as a shark heals more in a single bite while being cheaper.

The mature version of this beer, Moonlight mead (m), can only be obtained by player brewing.


These drinks were most commonly used when training on werewolves, as players need only run a few steps to get into the bar and buy the cheap beer to fully heal. A similar tactic is often used by players in need of healing after teleporting to Canifis from a run at the Barrows. The coins reward from the barrows chest can be used to purchase lots of glasses of moonlight mead, easily fully healing even the most badly wounded players.

This is rendered obsolete as now entering a bank would rapidly heal a player up to maximum life points.

It is also required in In Memory of the Myreque to build Radigad Ponfit's statue.

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  • Moonlight mead may be a reference to the legend of werewolves transforming under moonlight. Canifis, the place where moonlight mead is sold, is populated nearly entirely by werewolves.
  • Since it does not contain honey, it is not truly mead.
  • This drink is usually bought from Roavar in Canifis before venturing into Mort Myre Swamp because Ghasts cannot turn a drink into rotten food.
  • During the miniquest In Memory of the Myreque, Veliaf Hurtz refers to moonlight mead as "rotgut" and "swill", suggesting that moonlight mead is cheap, strong and terrible-tasting alcohol designed mostly to get one drunk, or that moonlight mead is designed to be easily affordable, and due to the extremely low-quality of the ingredients makes the drinker sick. This likely explains why he considered Radigad, who liked to drink the stuff, to be "just as tough on the inside".
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