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Mord Gunnars is the husband of Maria Gunnars. The Fremennik Isles quest can be started by speaking to him. He is native to Jatizso, though his wife is native to Neitiznot. This doesn't seem to put any strain between him and his wife. He offers a free ferry for a player between Rellekka and Jatizso during and after The Fremennik Isles.


  • Mord means "murder" in most Nordic languages, as well as in Polish.
  • He seem to hold a bottle of 'red rum' (murder spelled backwards.)
  • On the day of the release of RuneScape High Detail, talking to him gave the message "nothing interesting happens".
  • He is identical to the Sailor in the Rellekka docks who takes the player to Miscellania and Etceteria.
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