Sacred clay hat
Sacred clay coif
Sacred clay helm

Morphic head armour is an item purchased from the rewards mystic at the Stealing Creation activity. It costs 24 reward points, which can be gained by playing Stealing Creation. As with the other sacred clay armours, each item doubles the experience given by attacking using the applicable attack style; the sacred clay hat giving double Magic experience for offensive spells, the sacred clay coif giving double experience for any ranged attack, and the sacred clay helm giving double experience for any and all Melee attacks. Please note that wearing additional items of sacred clay armour will not give you more than double experience. Below is a list of photos showing players wearing morphic head armour, along with the rest of the armour and weapon(s) from the morphed set.

The piece gives 140 defence and 600 life points.


  • If anyone owned more than 10 pieces of morphic armour (that being anything, in any form), before 16 December 2008 then all but 10 of them would be taken and transferred back into points for Stealing Creation without the player's consent. The last 10 would be kept where they were. However, if someone had more than 200k points then they would not get any points
  • When wearing the sacred clay hat, half the face disappears in the Forum threads avatar picture and in Chat box. This has yet to be fixed
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