Morrigan's leather chaps (also known as Morrigan's chaps) is part of the Morrigan's equipment, obtained from killing another player on PvP worlds. It was released on 15 October 2008 during the PvP worlds update.

The corrupt version requires 20 Defence and 20 Ranged, and lasts for 15 minutes of combat. Meanwhile, the normal version requires 78 Defence and 78 Ranged, and lasts for an hour of combat. After the time is up, the item disintegrates. The time restrictions are the same on PvP and non-PvP worlds.

Combat Stats
Unknown editUnknown edit
Unknown edit? editDefenceArmour0
ConstitutionLife points0
Damage--Damage reduction
Accuracy--PvM: 0%PvP: 0%
Style-Style bonuses
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