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The Murky Swamps of Mort Myre

Mort Myre Swamp, once a forest known as Humblethorn,[1] is a swampland in western Morytania. It is a place plagued by Ghasts. Therefore, not even a full inventory of food will keep players safe here, because ghasts will decompose any kind of food. It is highly recommended for a player to carry a druid pouch with them as they travel through here. It can only be obtained during the Nature Spirit quest. Completing the quest is also a requirement to gain access to the gate shortcut. Dwarf multicannons cannot be set up in this area.

The swamp is divided into several parts. The main part of the swamp is on the west, The Hollows are to the east, and the path to Mort'ton is to the south.

The main part

The entrance to Mort Myre

An ideal place to fill a druid pouch

The main part of the swamp is accessed by a gate west of Canifis, guarded by Ulizius, which is opened during the Nature Spirit quest. The first thing players will come across is the ghasts, as described below, but snails also inhabit this region. In the far south-east is a bridge leading to the southern part of the swamp.

The eastern part of the swamp, The Hollows, can be accessed by a small break in the swamp weed just to the west of the boat in that area (marked by a transportation symbol on the map in The Hollows). Players can also find:

The Hollows

Main article: The Hollows

The Hollow tree.

The eastern part of the swamp is of the same character as the western part. It is itself cut in half, and players can only cross from one to the other via a rope bridge, which they mend during the In Search of the Myreque quest.

  • The Myreque Hideout entrance is found here during the In Search of the Myreque quest, guarded by Curpile Fyod. It contains a tunnel leading to a trapdoor south of the pub in Canifis, and can only be accessed for further use after the quest is complete, and is a quicker way to Mort'ton than walking through the main and southern parts of the swamp.
  • A Hunter area, where players can catch swamp lizards.
  • A swamp boat, unlocked after the Nature Spirit quest, which can be taken to Mort'ton.
  • A mysterious Graveyard, just north of Castle Drakan. This is where Dessous resides during the Desert Treasure quest.

The southern part

The southern part of the swamp is a long winding path between the main part and Mort'ton. There are no ghasts here, but plenty of snails.

Players will also find Zealot at the south of this section, at the entrance to the Abandoned Mine. It is here that players can start the Haunted Mine quest.

The horrors within

A player being attacked by a ghast.

  • Ghasts - these souls of the dead are the most dangerous part of the swamp. Players cannot attack them unless they have a filled Druid pouch, which will use one charge to make them visible. If players do not have a pouch, the ghasts will turn their food into rotten food. If the player has no food, the ghasts will hit them for 10-30 life points. If the player has a filled druid pouch or Ouroboros pouch, the ghasts will become visible and the player can fight them. Ghasts can also reduce Prayer points.
  • Snails - there are many species of these snails in the swamp. They all drop different coloured shells, and players can use a chisel on the shells to craft a snelm (snail helmet). Players will also receive fat snail (Bruise and Blood), thin snail (Myre and Ochre) or lean snail (Bark), which they can cook. The snails attack with what appears to be a spell but Protect from Missiles is the only prayer that seems to have any effect. The snails are:
  • Players must bring a silver sickle (b), Rod of Ivandis, or an Ivandis flail or else they will occasionally be dealt 2-40 life points by swamp decay.
  • Occasionally, the swamp decays you and you lose some life points.


  • If a player exits Mort Myre through the gate to Canifis, Ulizius, the guard to the swamp, exclaims "Oh my! You're still alive!"
  • "Mort Myre" may be derived from the French word for death, "Mort", and "Myre", an uncommon French word for leech. "Myre" may also simply be a slight alteration of the English word "mire", which would translate "Mort Myre" to "dead swamp."
  • The Swamp and most of Morytania received a graphical update on 17 August 2011.
  • There used to be some squares near the shore north of the Mort'ton temple that teleported the player south-west of the swamp boat.
  • The decay used to provide an animation when it occurs. Now it simply deals damage.

Removed animation of the decay


  1. ^ Drezel, "Nature Spirit", RuneScape. "Mort Myre was once a beautiful forest by the name of Humblethorn until the evil denizens of Morytania descended."