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This is the quick guide for Morytania achievements.
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Items needed:
Quests needed:
Skills needed:


Items needed:
Quests needed:
Skills needed:


Items needed:
Quests needed:
Skills needed:
  • The combat stats required for the Barrows gear you choose.


Items needed:
Quests needed:
Skills needed:
  • 96 Fishing Fishing (or 91+ with Admiral pie)

Easy achievements

  1. Bring a Silver Sickle (b) to Mort Myre Swamp and cast bloom near a log to grow some fungus. (Blooming Marvellous)
  2. Kill a snail in the Mort Myre Swamp located west of Mort'ton and craft a snelm. (Chisellin' Conchiolin)
  3. Cook the snail located west of Mort'ton in the Mort Myre Swamp. (It's Only Wafer Thin)
  4. Kill a ghast located in Mort Myre Swamp. (Struck A-Ghast)
  5. Enter the Mort Myre Swamp and head south to the Nature Grotto. Go inside and pray at the altar. (Fortified Spirit)
  6. Home teleport to Canifis and head south and kill a werewolf in it's human form while wearing a wolfbane dagger. (Dislike-Anthrope)
  7. Kill any creature on the ground floor of the Slayer Tower located west of the Canifis lodestone. (If It Bleeds...)
  8. Head to the eastern-most memorial next to Castle Fenkenstrain to enter the cave and kill an experiment. (Lab Clean Up Assistant)
  9. Head south-east of Canifis lodestone and complete a game of werewolf skullball. (Cranius Lupus)
  10. Head to Burgh de Rott and start a game of Temple Trekking and take an easy companion through an easy route. (Only Going Forward. We Can't Find Reverse)
  11. Plant a Limpwurt seed in the farming patch near Port Phasmatys and wait 20 minutes then harvest it. (Wurt A Bundle)

Medium achievements

  1. Home teleport to Canifis and head west to the mushroom patch to plant a bittercap mushroom spore. Bind an Amulet of Nature to it to keep an eye on it. (Fun Guy But Bitter (pt 1))
  2. Head north and climb to the first floor of the Slayer Tower and head northwest to slay an Infernal Mage. (The Higher, the Badder)
  3. Home teleport back to Canifis, and telegrab the pickled brain on a table in the Hair of the Dog tavern. (Brain Bending)
  4. Head down the cellar under the Hair of the Dog tavern, then to Mort'ton using the Myreque Shortcut then  swamp boaty. (I Wonder How Far it Ghost)
  5. Use a Flamtaer Hammer to help repair the Mort'ton temple. (Flamtaer will Get You Everywhere)
  6. Head to Razmire and view either of his shops. Bring a Serum 207 or Serum 208 to use if he is still afflicted. (Ad-Myre the Goods)
  7. Head Northwest to the Shade Catacombs and unlock any chest. (Plenty Mort Where That Came From)
  8. Head southwest to the Abandoned Mine and mine some mithril ore. (Polterheist)
  9. Head east to Burgh de Rott and take a Medium Companion Temple Trekking. (Ready? Trek!)
  10. Complete a Burgh de Rott Ramble, selecting any Companion. (Don't stop Me if I Start to Ramble)
  11. Home teleport to Canifis and head east to cut Bark from a Hollow Tree. (Barking Up the Wrong Tree)
  12. Home teleport to Port Sarim , then charter a ship to Port Phasmatys. (Charter a Course)
  13. Use the Ectophial to teleport to the Ectofuntus. (Travelling on the Slime Trail)
  14. While carrying garlic and a restore potion, Grind a silver bar at the Ectofuntus. Add the garlic to the restore potion , then add the silver dust. (Find Your Balance)
  15. Head to the Green Ghost Inn's cellar and exchange ecto-tokens for yeast . Keep the yeast for the next step. (The Yeast They Can Do)
  16. Add 4 apple mush (or 2 buckets of water, 2 barley malt, and the main ingredient for your ale), and 1 yeast in the Fermenting Vat. (The Beer Inn-Spectre)
  17. Walk through Port Phasmatys 's Western Gate. (Gate Spectre-ations)
  18. Make a batch of Cannonballs at the Port Phasmatys Furnace. (Obvious Forgery)
  19. Home Teleport to Yanille , then use the Fairy Ring to the North to travel to the Haunted Woods Fairy Code A L Q. (Who You Gonna Ring?)
  20. Head southwest to the Haunted Woods Hunter Location to trap a Swamp Lizard. (Izzy Wizzy let's get Lizzy)
  21. Home teleport to Canifis, heading west to the mushroom patch to harvest your bittercap mushrooms. (Fun Guy But Bitter (pt 2))

Hard achievements

  1. Using a Drakan Medallion, teleport to Burgh de Rott . Head West, then navigate the Haunted Mine to find Tarn's Lair and ensure he has been slain. If possible, a Ring of Slaying can be used to teleport directly to Tarn's Lair. (Detarnation) 
  2. Using a blisterwood log and 2 silver sickle s, craft a Blisterwood Polearm . (Raising the Stakes)
  3. Teleport back to Burgh de Rott with your Drakan medallion , then successfully escort Smiddi Ryak in Temple Trekking. (Trekkin' Ain't Easy)
  4. Head south into Mort Myre and cast Bloom using your Ivandis Flail. (Shade-Shattering Ka-Bloom)
  5. Head back North to Paterdomus , then use the agility shortcut through the fence of the Paterdomus temple. (Time Salver)
  6. Head Downstairs to the Columbarium  and use a Columbarium Key on a casket. Burn a vyre corpse pyre if you don't already have a key. (Just One More Key...)
  7. Wearing a Fire ring , home teleport to Canifis and light a haunted wood torch . Hope you kept the bark you cut during the Medium achievements. (Better Than Cursing the Darkness)
  8. Head South to the Werewolf Agility Course , then complete one lap (Agility Course is on the west side) and hand in your stick . (They'll Just Throw it Away Again) 
  9. Break a Blood altar teletablet. (Runecraft Carrier) 
  10. In your own Player-owned house , either create or travel through a Kharyll Portal in a Portal Chamber . (Huge Success) 
  11. Teleport to the Barrows with your Drakan medallion, then equip one full set of Barrows Gear. (I Brought Your Stuff Back)

Elite achievements

  1. Kill an abyssal demon in the slayer tower west of Canifis lodestone. (Whip: It Good)
  2. Bring rune essence and a blood talisman to craft blood runes at the Blood Altar. (As You Might Expect)
  3. Summon a ghast familiar in Morytania. (Thoroughly A-Ghast)
  4. Use a games necklace to teleport to Burgh de Rott. (Not Such A Rotten Idea)
  5. Catch a shark barehand off the dock's of Burgh de Rott. (Fremennik Export)
  6. Bring a pyre log to Mort'ton and kill a fiyr shade and use the log and remains on a funeral pyre. (Set It On Fiyr)
  7. Use your Drakan's Medallion to teleport to Barrows and kill all seven brothers, including Akrisae. (Bros Before Barrows)
  8. Teleport to Darkmeyer with your Drakan's Medallion. (On Wings Of Bling)
  9. Plant a fellstalk seed in the herb patch near Port Phasmatys and a morchella mushroom spore in the mushroom patch near Canifis, wait for them to grow and make a prayer renewal potion while still in Morytania. (As Good As Renew)
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