Morytania achievements
Morytania task set icon
Release date 27 March 2012 (Update)
Area Morytania and Paterdomus
Members Yes
Reward Platelegs
Lamp rewards 4,000
Taskmasters Hiylik Myna, Robin, Strange Old Man, Old Man Ral
Levels required
Total level: 1572
Attack 70 Constitution — Mining 76
Strength 76 Agility 77 Smithing 35
Defence 70 Herblore 94 Fishing 96
Ranged 70 Thieving 53 Cooking 14
Prayer 50 Crafting 76 Firemaking 80
Magic 70 Fletching 70 Woodcutting 76
Runecrafting 77 Slayer 85 Farming 91
Construction 50 Hunter 29 Summoning 87
Dungeoneering — Divination — Invention —
Attack style icon fixed 82
Quest 278 Music icon fixed

Morytania Tasks are a set of tasks set in the dark lands of Morytania. Members will be able to complete tasks at different difficulty levels: easy, medium, hard and elite for rewards, including experience lamps which will give a total of over 150,000 experience in skills. The item reward is the Morytania legs. The taskmasters are, in order: Hiylik Myna, Robin, the strange old man and Old Man Ral.

In addition, those who completed the easy and medium tasks within two weeks of the release, before 11 April 2012, received an early bird lamp worth 15,000 experience.

Easy tasks

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Easy task complete!
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Items needed:
Quests needed:
Skills needed:
Task Description Quest(s) needed Other requirements Notes
Chisellin' Conchiolin Craft your own Snelm in Morytania None 15 Crafting Kill any snail in the Mort Myre Swamp and use a Chisel with its shell.
It's Only Wafer Thin Cook a Thin snail in Morytania None 12 Cooking There's a cooking range in Port Phasmatys, or cut a dead tree, light it, and cook it there. But it must be in Morytania.
Dislike-Anthrope Kill a Werewolf in its human form using the Wolfbane dagger whilst in Canifis Priest in Peril None If dropped or lost, the dagger can be reclaimed by talking to Drezel in the basement of the Paterdomus church.
Cranius Lupus Finish a game of Werewolf Skullball Creature of Fenkenstrain 25 Agility Remember your Ring of Charos for entry.
Lab Clean-Up Assistant Kill an experiment under Castle Fenkenstrain Started Creature of Fenkenstrain None Go down the ladder under the statue in the graveyard south east of Fenkenstrain's Castle.
Fortified Spirit Restore and boost your prayer points at the altar in the Nature Grotto Completed Nature Spirit None Partially drained prayer points will work.
Struck A-Ghast Kill a Ghast in Morytania Started Nature Spirit Druid pouch You will need a full Druid Pouch to make the Ghast attackable. Killing Ghasts in Temple Trekking DOES count towards this task.
Blooming Marvellous Grow some fungus in the swamp using Bloom Started Nature Spirit Blessed Silver Sickle or Ivandis flail You will need 40 prayer points to cast the spell. You can recharge your prayer in the Nature Grotto after completion of the Nature Spirit quest. (Temple Trekking provides a short-cut to the grotto as a reward.)
Only Going Forward, We Can't Find Reverse Take an easy companion through an easy route of Temple Trekking In Aid of the Myreque None Simply choose an easy companion at the Temple Trekking start point, and guide them through an easy route. If you teleport out you can continue and still get the task done.
If It Bleeds... Kill anything on the ground floor of the Slayer Tower None None Bats count if they are inside the tower.
Wurt A Bundle Harvest limpwurt in the farming patch near Port Phasmatys None 26 Farming It's ideal to start the task by planting a Limpwurt seed at the flower patch first. Using Supercompost is advised.


Rewards are retrieved from Hiylik Myna, located East of Paterdomus, West of Canifis and South of the Slayer Tower.

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All easy tasks!
Plays when the easy set is completed.
While worn
  • Double fungi when casting Bloom.
  • 50% chance of a Ghast ignoring you rather than attacking you.
At all times
  • 5% extra Temple Trekking rewards.

Medium tasks

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Medium task complete!
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Items needed:
Quests needed:
Skills needed:
Task Description Quest(s) needed Other requirements Notes
Charter A Course Take a trip on a charter ship to the Port Phasmatys dock. None Some coins and having entered Port Phasmatys at least once or two ecto-tokens to enter the first time. Cheapest charter is from Musa Point at 550 coins with a ring of charos (a) (1100 without it). Charters from other ports work, also, but are more expensive. Ecto-tokens are not required when travelling by ship.
Travelling On The Slime Trail Use an ectophial to return to Port Phasmatys. Ghosts Ahoy Ectophial If lost, Ectophial can be reclaimed from Velorina, the ghost you spoke to to start Ghosts Ahoy.
The Yeast They Can Do Exchange ecto-tokens for brewing yeast with Metarialus in The Green Ghost inn's cellar. None 5 ecto-tokens, Ghostspeak amulet or Cramulet, empty pot A Ghostspeak amulet or Cramulet must be worn to talk to Metarialus. Keep the yeast, there is another task that needs it.
Flamtaer Will Get You Everywhere Use a Flamtaer hammer to help fix the Shades of Mort'ton temple. Shades of Mort'ton Flamtaer hammer Flamtaer hammer can be purchased from Razmire Keelgan in Mort'ton for 13,000 coins
Who You Gonna Ring? Use the fairy rings to travel to the Haunted Woods. Started Fairy Tale II - Cure a Queen None Fairy ring code alq
Barking Up the Wrong Tree Obtain some bark from hollow trees. None 45 Woodcutting Hollow trees are east of Canifis. Keep the bark, there is another task that needs it. It may take several attempts to get bark; most of the time nothing is obtained.
Gate Spectre-ations Use the western gate of Port Phasmatys. Ghosts Ahoy

OR: 2 Ecto-tokens

Ready? Trek! Take a medium companion through a medium route of Temple Trekking. In Aid of the Myreque Simply choose a medium companion at the Temple Trekking start point, and guide them through a medium route.
Don't Stop Me If I Start To Ramble Complete a Burgh de Rott Ramble. Darkness of Hallowvale Go through a reverse route of the Temple Trekking.
Plenty Mort Where That Came From Unlock a chest in the Shade Catacombs. Shades of Mort'ton An article related to this can be found here.
Izzy Wizzy Let's Get Lizzy Trap a swamp lizard in the Haunted Woods. 29 Hunter You will need a rope and a small fishing net for the net trap (the net in the toolbelt doesn't work).
Finding Your Balance Mix a Guthix Balance potion while in Morytania. In Aid of the Myreque 22 Herblore Add garlic to a restore potion, then add silver dust. Silver dust is obtained by grinding silver bars in the grinder on the upper floor of the Ectofuntus. If you get the garlic from the chest in the Myreque Hideout in Burgh de Rott, create the potion above. Making the potion in the hideout does not count as being in Morytania.
The Beer Inn-spectre Start any ale brewing below The Green Ghost Inn 14 Cooking You will need 2 Buckets of water, 2 Barley malt, Ale yeast and the main ingredient for the ale you want to brew. Add the water first, then the barley malt, then the main ingredient and then the ale yeast. Cider DOES work.
Brain Bending Telegrab the pickled brain on a table in the Hair of the Dog. None 33 Magic You will need 1 Law rune and 1 Air rune. You will need to also be on the standard spellbook.
I Wonder How Far It Ghost? Explore the tunnel from the cellar under the Hair of the Dog. In Search of the Myreque None The tunnel is located under a trapdoor at the back of the Hair of the Dog inn, not inside.

If you have unlocked the tunnel shortcut by levelling Zachory Bragg to 99 in the Temple Trekking minigame, you may have to toggle the trapdoor's function back to normal.

You can also enter the tunnel from the opposite direction.

Obvious Forgery Make a batch of cannonballs in Port Phasmatys.

Dwarf Cannon

35 Smithing You will need 1 steel bar, and an ammo mould.
The Higher, The Badder Kill anything on the 1st2nd floor[UK] (upstairs) of the Slayer Tower. None 45 Slayer Slayer can be boosted from 40 using a Wild pie.
Fun Guy But Bitter Harvest bittercap mushrooms in the farming patch near Canifis. None 53 Farming [B] You will need a Bittercap mushroom spore. This can take up to 240 minutes (4 hours) to grow.

You may use stat boosters for this, pork pie at Farming level 48, but they must be redone before harvesting to complete the task.

Polterheist Mine some mithril ore in the Abandoned Mine. Haunted Mine 55 Mining

A Crystal-mine key is needed to access the mithril ore. Enter the stairs found at the northeast or northwest surface part of the Abandoned mine, use ladder to floor 2, and use the Crystal-mine key on the large doors to the north. If the key is on the Steel key ring, you can just use the key ring on the doors.

If this doesn't work, start in Burgh de Rott. Go west and hop the fence (quest required). Go down the stairs into the mine. You will see doors to the west and doors to the east. Go through the doors to the west (quest may be required). The mithril ore is on the north wall just past the doors you just passed through.

Ad-Myre The Goods View the stock in Razmire Builders' Merchants shop. Shades of Mort'ton None Must use Serum 207 or Serum 208 to gain access to the shop.


  1. Home teleport to Canifis and head west to the mushroom patch to plant a bittercap mushroom spore. Bind an Amulet of Nature to it to keep an eye on it. (Fun Guy But Bitter (pt 1))
  2. Head north and climb to the first floor of the Slayer Tower and head northwest to slay an Infernal Mage. (The Higher, the Badder)
  3. Home teleport back to Canifis, and telegrab the pickled brain on a table in the Hair of the Dog tavern. (Brain Bending)
  4. Head down the cellar under the Hair of the Dog tavern, then to Mort'ton using the Myreque Shortcut then  swamp boaty. (I Wonder How Far it Ghost)
  5. Use a Flamtaer Hammer to help repair the Mort'ton temple. (Flamtaer will Get You Everywhere)
  6. Head to Razmire and view either of his shops. Bring a Serum 207 or Serum 208 to use if he is still afflicted. (Ad-Myre the Goods)
  7. Head Northwest to the Shade Catacombs and unlock any chest. (Plenty Mort Where That Came From)
  8. Head southwest to the Abandoned Mine and mine some mithril ore. (Polterheist)
  9. Head east to Burgh de Rott and take a Medium Companion Temple Trekking. (Ready? Trek!)
  10. Complete a Burgh de Rott Ramble, selecting any Companion. (Don't stop Me if I Start to Ramble)
  11. Home teleport to Canifis and head east to cut Bark from a Hollow Tree. (Barking Up the Wrong Tree)
  12. Home teleport to Port Sarim , then charter a ship to Port Phasmatys. (Charter a Course)
  13. Use the Ectophial to teleport to the Ectofuntus. (Travelling on the Slime Trail)
  14. While carrying garlic and a restore potion, Grind a silver bar at the Ectofuntus. Add the garlic to the restore potion , then add the silver dust. (Find Your Balance)
  15. Head to the Green Ghost Inn's cellar and exchange ecto-tokens for yeast . Keep the yeast for the next step. (The Yeast They Can Do)
  16. Add 4 apple mush (or 2 buckets of water, 2 barley malt, and the main ingredient for your ale), and 1 yeast in the Fermenting Vat. (The Beer Inn-Spectre)
  17. Walk through Port Phasmatys 's Western Gate. (Gate Spectre-ations)
  18. Make a batch of Cannonballs at the Port Phasmatys Furnace. (Obvious Forgery)
  19. Home Teleport to Yanille , then use the Fairy Ring to the North to travel to the Haunted Woods Fairy Code A L Q. (Who You Gonna Ring?)
  20. Head southwest to the Haunted Woods Hunter Location to trap a Swamp Lizard. (Izzy Wizzy let's get Lizzy)
  21. Home teleport to Canifis, heading west to the mushroom patch to harvest your bittercap mushrooms. (Fun Guy But Bitter (pt 2))


Rewards are retrieved from Robin, in Port Phasmatys's bar.

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All medium tasks!
Plays when the medium set is completed.
Morytania Early Bird

The Message for early completion "Early bird bonus" of Easy and Medium Tasks of the Morytania Achievement Diary.

  • Can use the legs to teleport to the slime pit under the Ectofunctus 5 times a day.
While worn
  • While wearing the Morytania legs 2, Cannonball-smithing time is halved in Port Phasmatys
  • A 10% chance of getting a second blood rune for every single essence. Extra experience is given for each blood rune made in this way (akin to the legs providing another piece of essence).
At all times

Note: Those who completed the Easy and Medium tasks before 11 April 2012 received another antique lamp giving 15,000 experience in any skill above level 50.

Hard tasks

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Hard task complete!
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Items needed:
Quests needed:
Skills needed:
  • 70 Magic Magic
  • The combat stats required for the Barrows gear you choose.

Task Description Quest(s) needed Other requirements Notes
Detarnation Kill Tarn Razorlor (or visit his lair if he's already dead). Haunted Mine You may use a Ring of Slaying for quick access.
Runecraft Carrier Break a Blood Altar teletablet. Legacy of Seergaze 50 Runecrafting [B]

Obtained from the Runecrafting Guild. Costs 45 Runecrafting Guild Tokens.

This can be boosted, either by talking to Oldak, or by using spicy stews.

It may be difficult to find people to play The Great Orb Project with, so it is recommended to bring three friends along to help with this task.

Shade-Shattering Ka-Bloom Cast Bloom using a Flail of Ivandis upgraded with at least 200 burnt vyre corpses. Legacy of Seergaze

Only casting bloom in the swamp will count towards this task.

The flail has to be equipped when Bloom is cast for the task to be completed.

They'll Just Throw It Away Again Hand in your stick at the end of the Werewolf Agility Course. Creature of Fenkenstrain 60 Agility Remember your Ring of Charos.
Time Salver Use the shortcut to get to the bridge over the Salve without going through the temple. 65 Agility Can be boosted from Level 60 Agility, with a Summer pie.
Huge Success Attune your house portal to Kharyrll, or use yours if it has already been attuned. Desert Treasure 50 Construction
66 Magic
  • Using a portal in another players' house will complete this task.
  • 50 Construction can build a Portal Chamber in their player-owned house, and a Kharyrll portal to modern-day Canifis may be assigned without needing the spellbook set to Ancient Magicks (requires 200 law runes, 100 blood runes, and 66 magic).
I Brought Your Stuff Back Equip a full set of Barrows gear in the Barrows. 70 Defence
OR 70Ranged
Specific skill requirements depend on the set of armour used. See Barrows equipment for more detail. Take the armour to Barrows and equip the armour while above ground.
Just One More Key... Use a Columbarium key to unlock an alcove. Legacy of Seergaze Not to be confused with cremating Shades in Mort'ton, Vyre cremation only happens in the Columbarium. Requires a Vyre corpse and one set of Teak pyre logs or better. Be aware that the Columbarium is not in Morytania, so do not attempt to perform other Morytania tasks there!
Raising The Stakes Fletch a blisterwood polearm in Morytania. The Branches of Darkmeyer 70 Fletching
76 Woodcutting

Requires 1 blisterwood log and 2 silver sickles. Fletching in Darkmeyer does count, however it is still possible to complete this task before finishing the quest.

Trekkin' Ain't Easy Take a hard companion through a hard route of Temple Trekking. In Aid of the Myreque Simply choose a hard companion at the Temple Trekking start point, and guide them through a hard route.
Better Than Cursing The Darkness Burn a Haunted Woods Torch while wearing the fire ring. All Fired Up 62 Firemaking Must have a piece of bark in your inventory and the ring of fire from the All Fired Up Minigame equipped.


  1. Using a Drakan Medallion, teleport to Burgh de Rott . Head West, then navigate the Haunted Mine to find Tarn's Lair and ensure he has been slain. If possible, a Ring of Slaying can be used to teleport directly to Tarn's Lair. (Detarnation) 
  2. Using a blisterwood log  and 2 silver sickle s, craft a Blisterwood Polearm . (Raising the Stakes)
  3. Teleport back to Burgh de Rott with your Drakan medallion , then successfully escort Smiddi Ryak in Temple Trekking. (Trekkin' Ain't Easy)
  4. Head south into Mort Myre and cast Bloom using your Ivandis Flail. (Shade-Shattering Ka-Bloom)
  5. Head back North to Paterdomus , then use the agility shortcut through the fence of the Paterdomus temple. (Time Salver)
  6. Head Downstairs to the Columbarium  and use a Columbarium Key on a casket. Burn a vyre corpse pyre if you don't already have a key. (Just One More Key...)
  7. Wearing a Fire ring , home teleport to Canifis and light a haunted wood torch . Hope you kept the bark you cut during the Medium Tasks. (Better Than Cursing the Darkness)
  8. Head South to the Werewolf Agility Course , then complete one lap (Agility Course is on the west side) and hand in your stick . (They'll Just Throw it Away Again) 
  9. Break a Blood altar teletablet. (Runecraft Carrier) 
  10. In your own Player-owned house , either create or travel through a Kharyll Portal in a Portal Chamber . (Huge Success) 
  11. Teleport to the Barrows with your Drakan medallion, then equip one full set of Barrows Gear. (I Brought Your Stuff Back) 


Audio options icon
All hard tasks complete!

Rewards are retrieved from the strange old man, outside Barrows.

  • Coins awarded on completion of each task, exact amount dependent on total tasks completed.
  • Morytania legs 3 from the Strange Old Man at the Barrows mounds.
  • Antique lamp for 20,000 experience in any skill over level 65
When worn
  • 50% more Prayer xp from burning shades.
  • Increased chance of gaining better Shade keys from burning shades.
  • 50% chance that Blood Altar teletabs don't break on use.
At all times
  • Robin offers 26 lots of bonemeal in exchange for bones, and 26 free buckets of slime each day.
  • All ghosts will now talk to you as if you were wearing an Amulet of Ghostspeak.
  • Prayer drain is reduced 50% in Barrows; Receive double runes from chest in Barrows.
  • 10% more Temple Trekking rewards.

Elite tasks

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Elite task complete!
Plays when a task is completed.
Items needed:
Quests needed:
Skills needed:
  • 96 Fishing Fishing (or 91+ with Admiral pie)
Task Description Quest(s) needed Other requirements Notes
Whip: It Good Kill an abyssal demon in the Slayer Tower 85 Slayer[B] Can be done at level 80 using Wild pie's +5 boost. Use a strong slashing weapon such as a Godsword or chaotic or Drygore longswords for best results.

Kill the demon on the second floor of the tower; the ones on the top floor (across the Agility plank) don't work.

As You Might Expect Craft blood runes at the Blood altar Legacy of Seergaze 77 Runecrafting [B] Can be done at level 75 by talking to Oldak, he can boost your runecrafting level by +2 or -2, quickly use a blood tab or the blood altar teleport of the Wicked Hood.
Thoroughly A-Ghast Summon a ghast familiar in Morytania.

In Aid of the Myreque

87 Summoning Get every follower in Temple Trekking & Burgh de Rott Ramble to level 99. This task may say it is possible for the player to do before the ability from Temple Trekking is unlocked, but this is not true.
As Good As Renew Farm and mix the ingredients for a prayer renewal potion entirely in Morytania. 94 Herblore [B]
91 Farming[B]
You can use a pork pie at level 86 to achieve a +5 Farming boost and stews for +5 Herblore boost. You must be 91 Farming to plant the seed **and** when you pick it, otherwise the partial task progress will not register.
Fremennik Export Fish shark barehanded off the Burgh de Rott dock. 96 Fishing [B]
76 Strength
Barehanded fishing is part of Barbarian Training. Fishing can be boosted from level 91 with Admiral pie. (With 96 Fishing you will automatically catch sharks barehanded).
Not Such a Rotten Idea Teleport to Burgh de Rott using a Games necklace. Getting the followers in Temple Trekking to a total of level 500. You need to have a combined level of 500 or more for your Temple Trekking companions.
Set It On Fiyr Burn one set of Fiyr remains with pyre wood. Shades of Mort'ton (quest) and Shades of Mort'ton (minigame) 80 Firemaking
Magic pyre log and a Tinderbox
Fiyr remains can be bought on the Grand Exchange or obtained by killing Fiyr Shades. Fiyr are found on the hard route in temple trekking (during the shade event). They can also be obtained with a silver or gold key to access the Fiyr Shades area of the Shade Catacombs. If you don't have one, you'll first have to acquire the lesser Shade keys through cremating the lower-level Shades.
Bros Before Barrows Defeat all seven Barrows Brothers. Ritual of the Mahjarrat See Barrows/Strategies for strategies. Note, you have to kill all seven brothers, including Akrisae the Doomed and solve the puzzle for it to count. Using Barrows Amulets will NOT count towards this task.
On Wings Of Bling Use Drakan's medallion to teleport to Darkmeyer. The Branches of Darkmeyer Only partial completion of The Branches of Darkmeyer is required.


Audio options icon
All elite tasks complete!

Rewards are retrieved from Old Man Ral, outside Meiyerditch.

  • Coins awarded on completion of each task, exact amount dependent on total tasks completed.
  • 40,000 experience lamp on a skill at level 75 or higher
  • Two 50,000 experience lamps on skills at level 80 or higher
  • Morytania legs 4 from the Old Man Ral near the entrance of Meiyerditch.
When worn
  • 50% more firemaking experience from burning Vyre Corpses.
  • 50% more prayer experience for cremating Vyre corpses.
  • 10% more slayer experience in the Morytania Slayer Tower, when on a task.
  • 20% chance of creating a 4-dose Prayer renewal potion instead of a 3-dose while making them in Morytania.
At all times
  • Robin will give the player 39 bonemeal (from any type of bones you give him) and slime in exchange for 39 bones daily. He does not accept noted bones. This will require at least 3 trips (unless using a Pack yak - 2 trips) as 1 free inventory spot is needed for each bone; for 13 bones, 26 spots will be needed for 13 bonemeals and 13 slimes.
  • Doubled amount of mushrooms farmed from the Canifis and Isafdar mushroom patches. (Seeds planted before finishing the elite tasks still produce double mushrooms.)


Morytania Achievement Diary Banner

The banner for the update.

  • These tasks were the first set to have a separate taskmaster for the elite rewards, as they were the first set to be released after the elite tasks for the other sets were added.
  • The task "Gate Spectre-ations" might be a reference to the novel "Great Expectations" by Charles Dickens.
  • The task "Huge Success" might be a reference to the popular Valve game Portal where the Antagonist GLaDOS uses those words in the song Still Alive to describe the player who harnesses portal technology.
  • The task "Only Going Forward, We Can't Find Reverse" likely refers to the song "Star Trekkin'" by The Firm, in both title and lyrics.
  • The task "Whip: It Good" might be a reference to the song "Whip It" by Devo.
  • The task "Dislike-Anthrope" is a reference to the Greek word lycanthrope, which means werewolf.
  • The task "Who You Gonna Ring?" is a reference to Ghost Busters and their popular catch phrase, "Who you gonna call?"
  • The task "It's only Wafer Thin" is a reference to the thin mint from the Monty Python skit involving Mr. Creosote from the movie "Monty Python: The Meaning of Life".
  • The task "Shade-Shattering Ka-Bloom" is likely a reference to Marvin the Martian of Looney Tunes fame, who would often ask "Where's the Earth-shattering kaboom?" when Bugs Bunny would snuff out the fuse on his "Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator" he was trying to blow up the Earth with.
  • The task "Blooming Marvelous[sic]" likely refers to the signature catchphrase of the host of "Gardening Australia", Peter Cundall.
  • The task "Bros Before Barrows" refers to the saying "bros before hoes".
  • The task "Runecraft Carrier" is a pun on "aircraft carrier".
  • The task "If it Bleeds..." is a reference to the movie Predator.
  • The task "Izzy Wizzy Let's Get Lizzy" is a reference to the casting of magic spells in the British children's TV show "Sooty and Sweep"


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