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A player teleporting to the slime pit.

Morytania legs 2 are a reward for completing all the medium Morytania achievements. Once players complete the tasks, they can get the leggings by speaking to Robin in Port Phasmatys. They will automatically replace your Morytania legs 1, and they will be placed in your inventory even if your first set of legs was in your bank.

Combat Stats
Medium task set equipped (male).pngMedium task set equipped (female).png
CombatSwords.png HybridLegs slot.pngDefenceArmour83
ConstitutionLife points0
Damage--Damage reduction
Accuracy--PvM: 0%PvP: 1.05%
Style-Style bonuses


Reward When worn When operated At all times
Morytania legs 1.png Morytania legs 1
  • Double fungi when casting bloom
  • 50% chance that a ghast will not attack
Morytania legs 2.png Morytania legs 2
  • Cannonballs are smithed twice as fast in Port Phasmatys
  • 10% chance of a second blood rune (per essence). Extra experience is granted when triggered - akin to the legs providing another essence.
  • Teleport to the slime pit under the Ectofuntus, 5 times daily
  • Robin will convert up to 13 sets of any bones into corresponding bonemeal and buckets of slime; he does not accept noted bones
  • Razmire offers free planks daily - a choice of 10 teak, 20 oak or 30 planks
  • Pyre log storage chests become available for use in Mort'ton
  • Lyra will protect the Canifis mushroom patch, making it disease-free
  • Haunted tools in the Abandoned Mine are no longer aggressive
  • Olive oil bought from Razmire comes in 4 doses instead of 3.
Morytania legs 3.png Morytania legs 3
  • 50% more Prayer experience from cremating shades
  • Increased chance of gaining better shade keys when cremating shades
  • 50% chance that Blood altar teleports don't break on use
Morytania legs 4.png Morytania legs 4
  • 50% more Firemaking and Prayer experience from cremating vyre corpses (including with the Sunspear)
  • 10% more Slayer experience in the Slayer Tower while on a task
  • 20% chance of creating a 4-dose prayer renewal instead of 3-dose while mixing them in Morytania
  • Robin will now convert 39 sets of bones
  • Double harvest from Canifis and Isafdar mushroom patches (experience is not doubled)
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  • The slime pit teleport originally placed the player in the slime pit one level above the pool of slime itself and opposite the final stairs to the pool. A hidden update changed this to place the player exactly at the edge of the pool.
  • When smithing cannonballs, the estimate of time remaining in the progress dialogue doesn't take account of the speed boost from the legs.
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