Mos Le'Harmless is the quaint free port run mostly by pirates that players may visit after completion of the Cabin Fever quest. The isle has a few attractions, such as the Trouble Brewing minigame and the Mos Le'Harmless Caves, where cave horrors may be found. It contains the easternmost point of the RuneScape world map.

Getting there

Mos Le'Harmless docks

The island's docks.

Mos Le'Harmless is initially travelled to by talking to Bill Teach aboard the easternmost boat at Port Phasmatys docks. Alternatively, a charter ship may be used from any port with trader crew members. This may only be attempted after starting the Cabin Fever quest. Bill Teach also will not appear on the docks of Port Phasmatys until the quest is started.

You may also teleport there using the fairy ring code DIP after completing Fairy Tale III - Orks Rift (see below). You need to repair the bridges with 8 planks (plain planks, not oak, teak, mahogany, nor protean planks), 16 nails and a hammer for the first time in order to get onto the island. One bridge must be repaired while standing on the small island, and the other bridge MUST be repaired when standing on the main island. It is a little difficult to find the repair spot on the bridge. Just search around where planks are sticking out and it should give you the option to "repair the broken bridge." Alternatively, just use the planks on the bridge.

Players who have completed Pieces of Hate may use the Big Book o' Piracy which allows 10 direct teleports to Mos Le'Harmless. Subsequent teleports require Braindeath 'rum' purchased locally to renew 10 additional charges.

Notable features


Mos Le'Harmless Swamp

The swamp, found to the north of the island, is home to giant mosquitos, jungle horrors, snakes, and crabs.

In the Mos Le'Harmless Caves:

Music unlocked



Ancient Pillar

The pillar found outside Dodgy Mike's clothes shop.

  • The name "Mos Le'Harmless" alludes to the The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series by Douglas Adams, in which the Hitchhiker's Guide's entry on Earth is simply "Mostly Harmless".
  • Mos Le'Harmless is featured as an Arcanists arena.
  • The patch notes update on 4 August 2010 drastically reduced the rarity of high-level impling spawns on Mos Le'Harmless. Previously, the island was a popular place for impling hunters because of the respawn points that commonly produced implings ranging from nature to kingly.
  • The only accessible part of Mos Le'Harmless used to be the town, which was surrounded in Unknown, but after an update the entire sea around it, the jungle, Harmony Island and the Trouble Brewing minigame became accessible.
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