Not to be confused with Mossy rock (monster).
Mossy rock detail
The mossy rock is an item found in the Lost Grove. It can be found at one of a number of locations throughout the grove, on the floor (marked with a yellow dot on the minimap). The rock shakes and makes a similar sound only heard when both Sound Effects and Ambient Sounds are on together. The rock can be heard from up to 14 squares away. Once found, it can be picked up and placed on the headless moss golem to unlock the Clover pet. The rock can still spawn after obtaining one or unlocking the pet, however attempting to pick it up will give the following message: "You have already retrieved this item. You cannot get another."
Mossy rock spawn location (overview)

An overview of all possible spawn locations.

Possible locations

Location Map
North-east corner of the moss golem area. Mossy rock spawn location (moss golems)
In front of the ruins north-east of the Lost Grove. Mossy rock spawn location (ruins)
On the cliff south-east of the Wisps of the Grove D&D, and south-west of the moss golem area. Mossy rock spawn location (Wisps of the Grove)
A couple steps south of the fairy ring. Mossy rock spawn location (fairy ring)
North of the entry bridge to The Lost Grove. Located on the west grass bank before the stone gate that leads to the centre of the grove. Mossy rock spawn location (after bridge)
Wrapped around tree roots and next to some large red mushrooms on the southern side of the bulbous crawler area. Mossy rock spawn location (bulbous crawler, south)
West of the Lost Grove, and about half way between bulbous crawlers and vinecrawlers. Next to a tree just south of a dead end path that heads east. Mossy rock spawn location (west trail)
East of the bulbous crawler area just a step north of the northernmost path, and in line with a large rock wall formation on the southern side of the northernmost path. Mossy rock spawn location (bulbous crawler, east)


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