Mourner Tunnels
Mourner Tunnels entrance location

The Mourner Tunnels are located under the Mourner Headquarters in the north-eastern part of West Ardougne. The tunnels are only accessible by wearing a full Mourner gear acquired during the first part of Mourning's End Part I quest. The house is also involved during both Biohazard and Plague City quests, although the tunnels remain inaccessible.

After completion of Within the Light, players may give their crystal teleport seeds the option of teleporting to the Mourner Tunnels, in the area between the Temple of Light and the Dark beasts. No Mourner gear is required when using the crystal teleport seed to enter the tunnels.


Mourner Tunnels map

In the basement of the Mourner Headquarters, the player will see Mourners wielding what look like Crystal Halberds. The player will also find the Head Mourner and a gnome tied to a torture table. Both of the NPCs are involved in Mourning's End Part 1 and 2.

Mourner chambers

A picture showing the inside of the tunnels.

During Mourning's End Part 2 the player will receive a New key from the Head Mourner, which will allow the player to access the Mourner Tunnels that lead to the entrance of the Temple of Light. The death altar is located within the depths of the Temple of Light, which is the only way of accessing the altar other than via the Abyss or with a Runecrafting teleport tablet. After EoC, players will no longer be attacked by the Dark beasts that can be found along the path. In addition, the tunnels house a small mine that contains one of the few runite rocks available in the game.

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