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[[File:Mourner tunnels runite.PNG|left|thumb|The runite mine.]]
[[File:Mourner tunnels runite.PNG|left|thumb|The runite mine.]]
{{mining sites}}
{{mining sites}}

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The Mourner Tunnels mine is a Mine located in the northern area of the Mourner tunnels, which players must traverse during the quest Mourning's Ends Part I. A single runite ore is located in the mine. The Dark Beasts which surround the mine are often killed by players because of their drop of a Dark bow. Because dark beasts are level 182 combat, it is recommended that the player wears armour while running to the mine. Once in the mine, it is possible to wedge yourself between the rune rock and some scenery to create a safe-spot where dark beasts can't attack you.

File:Mourner tunnels runite.PNG

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