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This is the quick guide for Mourning's End Part I.
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Start pointQuest map icon
Quest icon 5th age
Speak to Eluned in Isafdar - either east of the current Tyras Camp or east of the remains of the former one.
Member requirementP2P icon Members only
Official difficultyMaster Master
Official lengthLong to Very Long
RequirementsSkill requirements are not boostable unless marked with a [B] for boostable.
Quest Quests:
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.

Items marked with an asterisk can easily be obtained during the quest.

Recommended items:

Enemies to defeat

Meeting the rebels[]

Mourners in the mountains[]

Items needed: Combat gear, two pieces of silk, some bear fur, a bucket of water, and 8 free inventory spaces.
  • Make your way to Arandar (either by heading to the entrance on the Kandarian side, or exiting Lletya and heading north to the Tirannwn side)
  • Find a mourner and kill him. Pick up the mourner gear and Mourner letter. (It is suggested to get two sets to fix up as you will need a spare set for Within the Light)
  • Go to Taverley and talk to Tegid near the lake.
  • Steal the soap from the laundry basket near him. (Chat 1)
  • Use it on the bloody mourner top with a bucket of water in your inventory.
  • Return to Lletya with your crystal teleport seed.
  • Talk to Oronwen in the clothing shop (Chat 3), talk again (Chat 3)
    • Be sure to bring your bear fur and silk.

(If you don't have the bear fur on you, exit Lletya, and head south to the magic trees, kill a grizzly bear and pick up his fur)

    • This is an opportune time to buy dyes while she is fixing the trousers. It is highly recommended you purchase more than one of each.
  • After one minute has elapsed, talk to her again for the trousers.

Amongst the Death Guard[]

Items needed: Mourner gear, the mourner's letter, a feather, some toad crunchies, leather, and a magic log
  • Wearing only the mourner suit, head inside the Mourners' headquarters (north-east corner inside of West Ardougne).
  • Descend the trapdoor and talk to the Head Mourner. (Chat 221)
  • Talk to the Gnome on a rack in the room west. (Chat 3)
  • Use a feather on him twice with the toad crunchies in your inventory.
  • Talk to the Gnome again with a magic log and leather in your inventory.
  • Right-click Release him.
  • After one minute has elapsed, talk to the gnome again for a fixed device.
    • If he disappeared, simply lobby.

Dying the non-dying[]

Items needed: Ogre bellows, Fixed device, Mourner gear, and at least one bottle of dye of each colour: red, green, blue and yellow.
  • Travel to the Feldip Hills.
  • Load your ogre bellows with a bottle of dye.
  • Use your ogre bellows on a swamp toad. (Can be found just south of Castle Wars)
Sick-looking-sheep map
  • Repeat the process for each bottle of dye. (It is highly recommended that you make multiple of each toad)
  • Make your way to the fields north of East Ardougne, where Brumty's sheep roam.
  • Use a toad on the launcher in your inventory, equip it.
  • Open the equipment tab. Right-click Fire.
  • Use the arrows to aim at a sheep and then press the middle "FIRE!" button once it is in the middle of the screen.
  • Do that for the three other sets of sheep, making sure to match the colour of the toad to the colour of the sheep.
  • Return to the Head Mourner.

Elena's advice[]

Items needed: Rotten apple, approximately 20 pieces of coal and the big book of bangs, or a barrel of naphtha if you made one extra during Regicide
  • Take a rotten apple from the ground west of the headquarters.
  • Talk to Elena, who lives slightly north east of Ardougne Castle.
  • With a rotten apple in your inventory, talk to her again.
  • After one minute has elapsed, talk to her again.

Apples in a barrel[]

Skip this section if you made one before the start of the quest.

  • Go to the fenced-in apple orchard just south of the Tree Gnome Stronghold.
  • Pick up an empty barrel, use it on the pile of rotten apples, then use the apple barrel on the Apple Barrel machine to make apple mush.
  • Pick up at least one more empty barrel.

After the naphtha[]

Skip this section if you have an extra barrel of naphtha from Regicide.

  • Return to Isafdar, head to the Poison Waste a few steps south of the lodestone.
  • Fill your barrel with coal-tar.
  • Go to the fractionation still in Rimmington outside of the chemists house.
  • Use the barrel of coal-tar on the still.
  • Rotate the tar regulator clockwise twice, to make the tar flow at maximum. The 'pressure' indicator on the left should go up.
  • When the pressure enters the green region, rotate the pressure valve clockwise once to let out some pressure. This should stall the pressure indicator.
  • Start adding coal. This raises the 'heat' indicator on the right. If it's below the green region, add more coal. If it's above, don't add coal until it gets lower.
  • If the heat reading reaches the dark orange portion, you've spoilt your compound and must start again.
  • If you run out of coal, your progress will be saved, but you will have to re-set the pressure to add more coal to it.
  • Exit the interface once the green bar is full.

Preparing the poison[]

  • Use the Barrel of naphtha on the Apple mush.
  • Use the apple mix on your Sieve. This was given to you by Elena when she identified the toxin.
  • Use the Toxic naphtha on a cooking range, there is one in the Mourner Headquarters or just inside the house next to the Ardougne lodestone. Do not use it on an open fire, as the naphtha will explode.

West Ardougne's woe[]

Foodstore locations

The foodstore locations.

  • Enter the largest building in the center of West Ardougne. In the room to the left are sacks of grain.
  • Use one Toxic powder on the sacks.
  • Head upstairs in the church to the South to poison the second set of grain.
  • Return to the Head Mourner in the headquarters.
  • Quest complete!


Mourning's End Part I reward
Music unlocked