Mr Pinsworth chathead

Mr Pinsworth is the banker unlocked in the Thieves' Guild after completing the quest Buyers and Cellars along with the three capers that follow it: From Tiny Acorns, Lost Her Marbles, and A Guild of Our Own. He was introduced on 28 April 2010 along with the quest and the guild.

He was a former banker of the Bank of Runescape, but was soon fired because of his "irregularities". With the bonds obtained from the Guild Registry after Buyers and Cellars, he was rehired as a banker by the Thieves Guild, although his former employers are unaware that he runs a bank.


  • His dialogue suggests that his access to the banking system is somehow illegal.
  • Before an update on 28 March 2011, he did not have a right-click 'Collect' option, unlike other Bankers. Consequently, players could not collect their Grand Exchange proceeds directly from him. However, the bank booth in front of him did have a right-click 'Collect' option.
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